Weekend Diary: Gloomy Weather

This weekend is pretty bad. Too many concerns crowded in my horizon. Emotional baggage sort of thing, feeling of rejection, feeling of unworthiness. Felt like there was this evil force that tried to nail me down in despair. But I am already mature. Grown up. Emotionally secure to mind those petty stuff that had nothing to do with my life in the long run, so I let it passed.

August 15, 2013, Thursday

Last Thursday my sister went out and left me at the house of our friend in San Andres, Manila, for reasons I could not understand, she did not tell us where she will go. Good thing Nening Abendan went to visit us and we had a talk the whole afternoon, it was fun and I forgot the passing of time (we're supposed to go to Intramuros but due to my sister's other activity we agreed to postpone our leisure plan).

My sister texted me that night that she will no longer come to San Andres and will just go directly to Caloocan where we permanently lived. I was so disappointed because it means I will be travelling alone! But then again I have to stretch my patience and accept the fact that I need to start embracing the intricate life in the city.

Sometimes I want to give up but I know I would be defeated with the cruelty of life if I would yield to frustrations so I kept reminding myself I need to be strong and someday all these misfortunes will be replaced with success.

Luneta Park (Manila, Philippines) at night time. According to one photographer
we met in the park, the national hero's monument has no guards beyond 6:00 pm 
but visitors are not allowed to go nearer the vicinity of the monument

August 16, 2013, Friday

At 3:00 in the afternoon, one of my friends, Bels Faustino, texted me inquiring about the rumoured affair of her late husband, Roumel Faustino, with one colleague in the university, I was so nervous that I texted two male friends in the university asking their opinions about it. I called up Bels right away and told her what I knew about the supposed affair. Later, Neil Capricho called me up and we had a talk about the same thing.

Half past six o'clock, I went out with Anelyn and her mother and visited Intramuros but unfortunately it was already closed, according to the guard, the site is only open up to 6:00 in the evening, so we moved to SM Manila and spent dinner at Classic Savory, we did some grocery too. 

At 9:00, we proceeded to Luneta Park. Yeah it was so breezy! I felt my feet trembled under the cold wind. We could not take nice shots because my cellphone camera has no flash so we ended up just looking around.

Luneta Park is so relaxing at night time, the surrounding is so beautiful, peaceful, quiet. The cold wind coming from Manila Bay helps soothe disgruntled mind. I released a deep sigh of relief. I loved the feeling of being in a cool environment because I momentarily forget the emotional chaos I felt and I don't need to think about why some people suddenly acted as if I am just a piece of a rag, not worthy of their time. And I am tired insisting myself to fit in and be accepted.

We went home at 11:00 in the evening. 

August 17, 2013, Saturday

I woke up early and prepared my things, I'd to go home to Caloocan, it was my first time to travel in the metropolis alone but I was so confident I could endure the terror and agony of locating and finding the direction of going to another place. I have a clear sense of direction, I can easily memorize maps and where to go so I assured myself everything will be alright.

After disembarking from the jeep, I walked to Vito Cruz street and waited for another public utility vehicle. I hopped in to an FX going to SM Fairview, I was the only passenger, later, I noticed the driver took off the signboard and kept it, I was so nervous with his action that I told him to drop me by. I waited for another one and made sure there were other passengers inside the vehicle. Thank God it was a smooth travel and I reached SM Fairview safely. Gosh! I was so scared with that experience, good I have an alert mind hehe!

There was a heavy downpour when I reached Camarin, Caloocan. The gloomy weather continued until today. Haaay!

August 18, 2013, Sunday

Gloomy weather, strong winds, heavy rain! So we stayed in the house and did not go out and failed to attend the Sunday Mass too :-(

During this chilly weather I just love to sing hehe!

Few of my friends know this, yeah but I really love to sing in the videoke haha! And my videoke escapade will never complete without singing HAVE YOU EVER SEE THE RAIN, ANGEL and WHEN I'M GONE, good oldie songs hehe! I just love singing these songs when I want to cheer up my mood. It helps me relax.

At 10:00 in the evening, I watched Miss World Philippines beauty contest in Channel 7 (GMA) and rooted for actress, Megan Young, because it was only her I find elegant, poise and pretty among the 25 candidates. True enough, she won almost all the awards and bagged the crown. I went to bed at 2:00 in the morning of August 19 ^_____^

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