Sacred Journaling Space

When the sun in my life is at the harshest and when worries of what’s-coming-ahead seem overwhelm my day, I don't feel like talking to people, I prefer to be alone and spend my hours in seclusion with my journal.

Journaling gives my soul a time to rest and lets me escape from the clutters of everyday life, it allows me to confide my longings, my troubles and whatever mood and feeling I have in a moment, thus my journal becomes my sacred space, more like undergoing a self-retreat.

Journaling retreat creates a peaceful ritual restoring my sense of balance and calmness in the process, providing me time to reflect in the cool shade of the soul.

Everyone needs a time to relax at the end of a tiring day and releasing the kinks of life through writing is always relieving. We have a different style how to wind off boredom and anxieties, but creating a journal has been one of the most effective tools.

In the past, I have a hardbound diary which acted as a repository of my thoughts and emotions, I would just pull it at night to write down everything that happened in a day and whatever came to my mind. But as the technology revolved, new means of keeping thoughts and sentiments came in, paving the way to online journaling.

I created my own journaling sanctuary some years back and became my favourite “hideaway” since then. The routine provided me enough space to be myself, to draw strength and to experience the stillness I needed.

So why not create your own journaling space?

It offers tons of benefits. You can confide your fears. You can say anything without thinking somebody might slap you. You can spell out what dreams you want to build and achieve and what you want most from life, love and job. Writing innermost feelings is always liberating, it allows you to look back at your journey, see what you’ve been through and learn from it. It’s a total freedom.

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