Party Weekend!hehe...

Attended two birthday celebrations in two straight nights!Yaaay...So amusing because this rarely happens hehe...

Last Saturday, August 24, the post birthday celebration of Jelaine Abendan, the charming eight-year-old daughter of Jerome, was held at their house somewhere in Makati. Her actual birthday was last August 21 but due to bad weather, Jerome decided to postpone it on weekend. We went there at half past 5:00 in the afternoon, there was a slight downpour, the environment went gloomy again.

Jelaine Abendan celebrated her 8th birthday last August 21 but the actual party 
was held  three days later due to bad weather

Actually it was my first time to be with some kababayans I did not see in recent years so I was a little bit apprehensive, you know the feeling when you're in a gathering and you came in very late and met some guests not quite familiar, you felt like a dead meat hehehe! But after settling myself and find comfort in one corner, I became at ease.

Everyone was busy, either drinking or singing, so I left with no one to mingle, wrapped up in my own thoughts, I darted my gaze at the four corners of the house and at the TV screen.  When Jelaine went downstairs, I grabbed the opportunity and dashed towards her, she's so smart and charming! Read more here 

I have a slight reservation when attending a party because I don't drink liquor, beer or softdrinks and I don't eat Pork and junk foods, so I became so out-of-place that the only thing I gained is boredom, people might think I am killjoy, an alien who had just fallen from Jupiter, but I could not simply pretend that I am amused. I don't enjoy much with videoke when I am in a party because I don't sing in public hehe! I just loved long conversation, so I always look around for someone to talk. 

Then yesterday, we went out again for another birthday celebration, not sure where's the exact location of that place hehe! It was the natal day of Gloria Soco. We've been acquaintance since high school, we used to be members of DBC, the guests were the same as the other night at Jelaine's birthday so I felt okay . We arrived there at around 7:00 in the evening, thanks to Aldrin Banas for his generosity of allowing us to ride in his van.

Another boredom attack haha!Gosh, what do I do to make myself so comfortable with this kind of event?Felt like I've a different wavelength. I am not really like this back in Davao. I also frequently went out with friends attending parties and I enjoyed much...hmmm...maybe it has something to do with the set-up and the atmosphere.

So last night, I made tons of effort to entertain myself, so I joined Gloria's daughters in their own little childish world, talking to them, laughing, giggling, playing at the foyer of the house, it made my night less stressful anyway.

We went home past 12:00 midnight...

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