French Lesson and Trivia Machine

bonjour tout le monde!

Yeahhh!Setting up my mood to get back to my French audio tutorials. I discontinued my French lesson when I started attending graduate studies in 2010.

I must admit studying French is a bit challenging because the language is very far from English or German where you have to pronounce the words exactly as you read, in French, words are simply different from the way it appears the moment it will be uttered, gosh! It requires patience and tons of determination to learn a thing and until now I cannot construct a single sentence hehehe!

Why I am fascinated with the French language?Hmmm...maybe because of my interest towards Switzerland. When I was still in my elementary years, I dreamed to live in Switzerland particularly in Geneva after seeing the scenic alps in the glossy calendar about nature, I always thought Switzerland resembles a dreamy fairyland, relaxing, peaceful and carefree. When I attended college I began researching about this spectacular country and learned that it has three official languages: French, Italian and German and Geneva is a French-speaking Swiss City. So goes my obsession about French!Yaaay!

Meanwhile, I kept myself busy with another favourite hobby, answering quizzes in the Trivia Machine, a game I found in my sister's laptop. I adored trivia and quizzes, I even wrote a book about it which I already published online, The Smart Quiz. (click the link)

I love this kind of relaxation because of the additional knowledge I would gain, it opens new doors for wide discoveries about many things and information. Learning is a continuous process and I am hungry for learning every now and then. I read books most of the time.

My favourite categories in trivia quizzes are Geography, History and Culture, Art and Literature, Science and Technology. I like hardcore topics, something beyond my knowledge because it allows me to explore stuff I did not learn in the classroom.

I spent three years completing my trivia book and thought I already knew almost all the information in the world but to my great surprise I almost could not answer correctly some of the questions presented there!Waaaaah so shocking! So I was challenged more to continue the game!!Hahahaha!
Addicted to this game recently haha!

I'd a great time with Trivia Machine and has been my favourite past time for the past five days, I find it very entertaining and amusing, discovering hardcore topics I never encountered for the past decades in my school life hahaha!I like challenges in knowledge it invigorated my brain and made me to think hard which made the whole thing more fun and adventurous.

 Different categories to choose from three levels
The Lightning Round is a bonus that appears at any categories in three different levels
it is composed of 10 questions answerable in 60 seconds, it is awarded when 
the question in that category will be answered correctly.

At Trivia Machine there are three levels to choose: Elementary, Scholar and Genius and each level contains different categories: Geography, History, Art and Literature, Technology, Science, Sports, Music and Movies. I always prefer Geography, History and Science. Every time a category roll, a surprising bonus round will be given, it's either double points or lightning round where the machine will give the player a chance to answer the ten trivia questions within 60 seconds in exchange of a corresponding bonus points.

 I always chose the "Genius" level because the questions 
are very challenging and interesting!hehe

Soooooo entertaining and knowledgeable, I gained additional learning and wisdom while playing with Trivia Machine!

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