What life may bring

Just got home from our road trip to Calamba, Laguna, thanks to Jerome and Anelyn, such a beautiful bonding moment. I had the best time with you guys!

How I love this kind of leisure! It felt so good, as if I don't want to go home, I don't want to end the journey, I just love being on the road hehe! I had a full trust with Jerome when he is on the steering wheel, so even if he would increase the speed, I don't mind, I know I am safe in his hands.

Why I love this little escapade? It's because I don't have to think much about life's complexities, about worries of what's coming ahead, I am living one day at a time, it's completely liberating! 

But I know life in reality is not to be like this all the time that's why I am making the most of my freedom, enjoying every minute of it while waiting the progress of my job application. I want to savour every moment before immersing myself into the corporate life.

This is what I love about going out with the people I know because I can talk freely, I can laugh on top of my lungs, I can express my crankiest thoughts on everything without hesitations. I can blurt whatever views I have at the moment. I am totally happy and contented!

Oh how I wish we have another road trip, uhmmm, maybe far from Manila hehehe, Batangas or La Union perhaps, but it might not be possible because the cost of the gasoline is punishing and I have nothing to share yet haha! Haaay the cost really leaves everyone's wallet bleeding, the ridiculous toll fees add to misery. Every time I see those "toll pay ahead" sign board I would growl in disgust. why the government privatized the national road when it is the country's job to provide the public with a safe and highly modernized road infrastructure?Grrrr...

Anyway let's go back to our road adventure. In this trip, we're only four (including my sister) so I enjoyed ultimately the journey and the moment, we just kept on laughing, sharing stories that only the four of us understood hehe! I love talking so much, in fact if you wanna ask me what's my ideal type of date it's gonna be "long conversation!" I love to ask questions, I am curious about many things, topics beyond my station and knowledge. I am eager to learn something new.

Actually I am not an evening person, I mean I don't like night life you know the stuff of going to the bar or staying late at night, I hate it, I prefer long conversation over food!

I love to read, I always does, because it's one way of gaining additional knowledge and wisdom. I am into writing, I maintained a journal ever since I was a teenager. I created tons of blogs because I want to share whatever comes in my mind, love it so much, it is very relaxing, a great escape during dull moment. I want to write as much as I can, it frees me from stress and anxiety. I write stories that are hard to tell. I collected books from monarchy to wars to biographies of famous people like Steve Jobs, Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, Prince Philip and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

I love talking about hardcore subjects. One of my favourite books I repeatedly read is the BATTLE OF BRITAIN (click the highlighted link to read my full review about the book) by Matthew Parker, because it tells how the Operation Dynamo successfully carried out and how the Royal Airforce fought fearlessly to protect England from the German forces. I love the technical terms used there, it arises interest!

While in the car, we poked fun with each other, we laughed hardly, it felt like we owned the world! We talked many things but the highlight of the conversation was how to snag a guy hahaha!

The truth is, I am already annoyed with my fate. Oh God do I have to wait for eternity before I could find someone?

In 2010, I decided to go back to school to get what I wanted in life including, uhmmm, a significant other, but three years later, until I graduated from masteral, I realized my little quest was a total failure. Is there someone really meant for me or just continue watching time passes me by, goshhh! I hate this!!!

I am such a crap and begin to feel seriously silly. Every time I watch couple tucking on the street I wondered where they found each other and what made them fall in love, I wondered how it felt to be loved. I longed for that special affection and attention showered by someone, I never experienced that before. While the rest of the people change someone as fast as they changed underwears, I am yet to discover the magic of romance. So I am a little bit frustrated with my destiny.

While we're talking about falling in love, my thoughts flew elsewhere, scenes jumbled on my mind,  where in the heck of the world would I find that elusive Mr. Right? But I am already tired complaining to the world, releasing the same sentiments of disgust and disappointment of why I have to wait forever so I stop entertaining the idea of defeat and self-pity, I've had enough of it, I'll just accept whatever comes my way, what life may bring in the coming days.

A million thanks to Anelyn and Jerome, I had the best time of my life in the metropolis, thank you guys, I'm looking forward for our next bonding moment hehe!

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