So Giddy and Happy!!

My online journal is at last flooded with happy entries, cheerful thoughts and beautiful sharing, a different level of excitement sprung from my system lately maybe because I am finally free from torment and feeling of rejection. My self-confidence is fully developed.

Back in Davao, I wrote nothing but loneliness, pain, hidden remorse, rejection, humiliation and discontentment. Now, it seems I finally found what I am looking for. Yeah!!I've never been so happy in my life, what a fresh start!

You know the feeling when you get so excited and can't help but be thrilled with everything in your environment? Prospect of a new career, meeting new people, creating new associates, building new friendships, anticipation of a great life ahead. Like you're genuinely enthusiastic and so happy because of that "something"?Yaaaay

And that something made me to bounce in thrill every now and then haha! What a fantastic existence. So inspired!!

But the road to happiness and contentment is not easy, you have to invest extra effort to achieve it, remove every clutter and accept the fact that everything in life comes with a specific purpose.

In my journey, I encountered many depressing situations and learned the hard way before I truly figured out how to live beautifully and how to deal with life fairly. Here are some learning lessons worthy to share:

  • Pray hard, ask guidance and enlightenment from God.
  • Set priorities and specific goal and work hard to achieve it.
  • Learn to bend.
  • Learn to forgive. Kept the good memories and forget the unnecessary.
  • Accept the fact that not all we wanted in life can be given.
  • Don't fall in love with love, you will die with its complexities.
  • Love is a choice it's not merely feelings and emotions.
  • God prepares something and someone better for us.
  • Stop moping. Everything happens for a reason.
So that's it. Whatever challenge and risk I may encounter in the coming days, I am ready for it and I am fully equip with necessary tools to wind off obstacles. Life is absolutely wonderful!

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