Intersection of my Dreams

After so many years of making myself safe, refusing to take risks and just taking  slow steps of my journey, I finally reached to a point where I have to think hardly about where I should be heading to reach the intersection of my dreams.

I'd lived a life of a crap, you know that stuff when you seemed forever welded in one corner unable to figure out what to do with your boring existence, everyday really sucks, but now, yeah, I felt the momentum, the energy, the excitement and all those fascinating ideas of discoveries.

So far I had realized two of my earnest wishes in life. I'd finished my masters degree and traveled abroad for leisure! I felt lucky enough to accomplish those dreams without an anchor except prayers and strong determination.

Now, I will be taking another challenge, another risk for the sake of another dream---to join the corporate world. Yeah! Ever since I was a teenager I always wanted to work in the real world, real field. You maybe wondering why it took so long before I made up my mind?

Well, haven't I told you I am a bit of a crap?hehehe, I was not confident, I had full of doubts about myself, I was terrified to take risks, too scared to try anything and my self-esteem was totally messy so I let time passed by, allowed myself to mature and undergone so many struggles and mistakes and after reading numerous books about self-development, I finally got the courage to draft another life plan.

I am just very fortunate about my journey. You see, I did not take the short cut, instead I took the long route and endured many mishaps along the way, lots of emotional injuries and self-pity, but this long route provided me with tremendous realizations how to view life positively, how to handle troubles and how to take care of myself. I enjoyed the scenery of my journey and able to look back at my failures with profound gratitude because of so many lessons I learned.

Now, I will begin another journey, further from what I had took in, this time, it entails more risks, more challenges and a good amount of courage but I am ready emotionally and mentally to undergo a different level of inconvenience and discomfort just to reach another milestone, one thing I've been wishing since I was a teenager---finding a good career in the real world.

But life can be both mysterious and fascinating, it pushes people sometimes on the other side of the road so I will just be prepared for the consequences and troubles, it's not easy to reach the stars anyway and for you to travel to the sky you have to pass among the clouds, that's a reality.

I am a country girl by heart. I hate the crowd, the noises, dust, loud people, busy life in a densely populated surrounding, but days forward my countryside life will be effectively over.

I have to give up my comfortable life living in a peaceful environment to give way for my dreams, otherwise I will just continue watching myself rolled into despair and resentment, luckless and sedentary.

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