Roswell and Legend of the Seeker

Okay. I am a bit silly now adays haha!

Why on earth my appetite in watching TV series cannot be stopped? Sooooo totally hooked with ROSWELL and LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! These series are really awesome and inspiring.

My obsession towards ROSWELL started in 2000, that was 13 years ago, I never thought my teenage fascination towards cute teen flicks is still there but when I re-watched it, yeaaaah it feels like I am in my late teens again hahaha! Or maybe I never stopped dreaming someone like MAX EVANS to sweep off my feet :-D

So why I am so obsessed with Roswell? 
  • Max Evans is so blindingly handsome and gorgeous.
  • His devotion to Liz is soooooooo sweet and awesome!
  • I dreamed to meet someone like Max Evans hahaha!
  • The story of Roswell is so fantastic and entertaining.
  • Yeahhh truly inspiring, the love story of Max and Liz is something I always dreamed of!
  • I am always fascinated with the star-crossed lovers theme.
  • The thrill of watching science fiction flick is mixed with the tenderness of romance
Another current obsession, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. And why I am also obsessed with this series?
  • It's a fantasy adventure flick and I love it!!!
  • Beautiful scenery of New Zealand
  • The story of star-crossed lovers fascinates me
  • Extraordinary love of Richard Cypher to Kahlan Amnell
  • Spellbinding story plot

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