Chasing Destiny

My mind felt like a "push-over" nowadays, trying to drag me into a direction where I am very anxious to live with. 

But this burning intention to get away, to move out, to search my fate, is increasing everyday that I felt I would be missing a huge part of my life if I would just let it go. Time is slipping so fast and yet I felt like my life is a complete mess, forever stuck in one corner, so I came up with this very difficult decision to "risk" my comfortable lifestyle.

I realized I had wasted so many years already, missing opportunities because of my fear to take risks, I was too busy keeping myself safe that I forgot there’s a terrific life out there that needs to be explored.

So now I cannot afford to let another day pass without figuring out what makes life so exciting and extraordinary on the other side of the road.

The terrible idea of being thrown out, or being hurt, or being humiliated, or being rejected no longer terrifies me. I am strong and confident enough to face uncertainties. This time I don’t want to let opportunities slip through my fingers without even trying.

I am ready to take the painful ordeal of heaving through the thick crowds, waking up early, inhaling dust, travelling long distance in order to see what I would be getting at the end of the tunnel of this journey. I want to chaste my destiny and see where it will lead me.

It’s time to go into a quest. 

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