13 Years of Roswell fascination

Felt drowsy..tired and motionless..oh God my eyes are about to fall...and it's only 10 in the morning!!! Not sure what triggers this boredom. Is it the sleepless nights or the thoughts of what's coming ahead?

Since gaining a complete freedom of doing-what-I wanted-to-do sort of thing after passing the comprehensive exam in my masteral, I spent every night watching series and movies on DVD. My obsession at the moment is tripping down memory lane with Legend of the Seeker and Roswell. Sounds pretty crazy but all I did each night is re-watched each episode of the series.

I became addicted with Roswell in 2000 when I grew tired with the uninspiring storyline of soap operas in local TV, so I switched channels to look for some exciting shows until I landed on Roswell. Unfortunately, I only watched the two seasons because I went home to Surigao in the last part of 2002 in fact I did not finish the whole season 2. So I had this very remorseful feeling of not being able to catch up the season finale.

Eleven years later, the memories of Roswell were still fresh that I asked my boardmate to look for a DVD copy of the series. Luckily, she found the complete season copies but I was already  in my second year in the graduate school struggling to balance my time doing assignments, project papers, online jobs and my daytime work so the DVDs had to put off.

Fast forward 2013, after passing my comprehensive exams, I felt I need to change direction and my longing to dart my attention to other things unintentionally changed the way I viewed local TV shows. Suddenly I began to detest the soap operas so I stopped joining my boardmates in the living area of our boarding house watching prime time dramas.

That's when I remembered ROSWELL DVDs but because I was still very attached with Legend of the Seeker, I kept installing my plan to do a marathon on Roswell, on the 29th of April finally I stopped watching Legend and pulled the Roswell copies and surprise! I found out the  fascination I felt 13 years ago towards this teen flick is still there :-P I still adored Roswell!!

ROSWELL, my original TV series obsession, runs from 1999-2002  in the US and 2000-2003 in the Philippines via RPN 9. The story of star-crossed lovers always fascinates me :-)

Back in 2000 I was so obsessed with this series that I constantly had a row with my sister because of our conflicting interest in television shows. I hated the exaggerated soap operas shown in the local TV because of the redundant, too-obvious story line. The predictable drama pissed me off and the shallow twist was so annoying. I made an agreement with my sister that she can have all those boring soap operas all night except the 8:00-9:00 pm of Wednesday, the time slot of Roswell in RPN 9. 

I loved fantasy adventure and science fiction genre especially those who have a star-crossed romantic backdrop -- alien and human, vampire and human, seeker and confessor, it resonates fascination and interest   :-D

Roswell is a science fiction series based on  Roswell High book written by Melinda Metz. It narrates the story of UFO sighting, alien thing in New Mexico. The plot centers on the lives of the three alien hybrids, Max, Michael and Isabel and their human friends, Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle. For 17 years, the alien hybrids lived in Roswell, New Mexico covering their true identities.

Main casts of ROSWELL
Standing from left: William Sandler as Sheriff Jim Valenti, Nick Weschler as Kyle Valenti, Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman, Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin, Jason Behr as Max Evans, Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker, Majandra Delfino as Maria Deluca and Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans

Until one day when Liz Parker, the love interest of Max, got shot in a Crashdown cafe. Max rushed to her side to heal the wound and brought her back to life and the privacy of the three aliens was effectively over. It is where the whole story of Roswell kicks in.

While having a DVD marathon on Roswell, I had this strange realization about myself too, about my future, about where I am heading. Well, amidst the alien thing of the story, there's this realistic coincidence of the human side of the characters which I was able to relate to myself. The struggle, the fears of going to an unknown place, the strength of facing challenges, the longing to be with someone (oh c'mon I dreamed this thing too hehe!) and the positive disposition of starting a new life, all these stuff are very human.

It made me realized something very important that I should not hesitate to take a bold step in going anywhere to seize opportunities, to enjoy life, to discard fears and worries. I must admit that I am very anxious where to start rebuilding my life, where to go from here.

Almost every hour of the day, I am asking God about the same questions, praying to give me peace of mind and guide me to come up with a good decision, contemplating, pondering what's best for me and where to start my journey. But last night, after watching the 10 episodes of season 3, I made up my mind to go somewhere and chase opportunities, never mind if I will experience inconvenience, it's part of the package anyway and I am ready to endure it. I know I am strong enough to overcome adversities.

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