The Hobbit and its uninteresting journey

I am literally drawn with Legend of the Seeker!:-P

For the past two weeks I did not watch anything, not even television shows, other than Legend of the Seeker on DVD. This series was cancelled in 2010 after two seasons and 46 episodes so it's a bit frustrating. I am surprised why it was discontinued when it generated millions of followers around the world and  lots of fans were begging for the renewal of the series! But still I am not losing hope, I am confident one day, Legend will be resurrected if not on television maybe on the big screen!!

I loved each character the fantasy, the magic, the wizardry stuff, the rolling hills of New Zealand where the series was shot, the scenic valleys and wild forest and yes the love story of Richard and Kahlan. Zed and Cara were equally wonderful and the boy listener was so incredibly great and talented, I truly adored that boy!

Haaaay!Whenever I am into something I threw my attention into it as if it is the most precious thing in the world that makes me happy. I need to relax and loosen up and since I can't go anywhere yet because I still have to wait for Helen and Rowie to arrive, I am combating boredom through DVD marathon.

Speaking of DVD marathon, I finally bought one copy of "The Hobbit". You see, I was disappointed last year when I did not catch this movie in a theater because there was no one to go with. I had high expectation of this movie because it was based on the book of J.R.R Tolkien and a prequel of Lord of the Rings, I am such a fantasy adventure fanatic.

But when I watched it last night, I was so frustrated that I found myself hitting the "forward" button of the screen. At first I thought there's something wrong with the DVD copy I bought so I went back to the beginning of the film (to be more fair with my judgment) but few minutes later I kept on yawning and taking a deep breath indicating that I was entering the red zone of boredom.

It was painfully boring thank God I did not waste my money in cinema hehe! I was so shocked with its very dull story, not that the script is bad or the screenplay is slow-pacing but the whole thing is really uninteresting and downright lifeless. Other than the usual cinematography of rolling hills and wilderness there was no excitement to behold in The Hobbit!

The main point of the story is just to lay a foundation of Lord of the Rings so Bilbo Baggins will have to join Gandalf and dwarfs into a long journey and while battling goblins he must fell into the cave to meet Gollum and take the ring and that's it. 

Looking back, I realized The Hobbit is totally unnecessary to be shown, there's no need to be told what's the story is all about it felt like we already knew it, we just duped to believe the hype that it was fantastic when it was boring. Even without it, the public understood the whole stuff about Lord of the Rings.

So if Peter Jackson is planning to do more series about this uninteresting film, oh no please!!Just give us another amusement, say, Legend of the Seeker, it is more spellbinding and interesting than drowse to sleep at the dullness of The Hobbit.

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