Reducing My Blogs

So far, I have 12 active blogs around the net. I love writing, it's my way of life, my favorite hang out. But now I feel guilty because I cannot update all the sites I created due to limited time in the net. Besides, I just want to write some personal kinks, concerns, experience and just about anything that happens in my day now so I am concentrating more here than researching topics for my other sites.

I normally do some research and lots of readings everyday to update my "serious" blogsites like GLOBAL AFFAIRS, WEDDING GUIDE, ROYAL WORLD, CASTLES OF EUROPE. Since I cannot do it on a daily basis anymore because I am busy working on other things I am planning to delete some of these sites.

The main reason why I created so many blogs is that I don't want to mess up my personal blog with so many entries with different, unrelated topics so I segregated it based on niche. 

Now I want to just concentrate on four niches: TRAVEL, ROYALTY, WEDDING and this personal blog. Whatever topic that will come up in my head at the moment I just put it anywhere around these four blogs. I have two other well-loved blogs: DEW OF NATURE and PARTY ESSENTIALS, but these sites are related to business I want to put up in the future so maybe I'll let it stay.

Sometimes I become so very dissatisfied with the template I chose or the banner I created so there were moments of the day that it felt like frustration was all over my system and I wanted to just delete the entire blog and create another. Then I will search and search for other blogs to get some inspiration on template and banners but then again I don't feel the idea of imitating their chosen designs haaaay!

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