Legend of the Seeker

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My mind is at peace now, thank God! I passed my comprehensive exam and filed an application for graduation last April 8. 

Now, I am sorting things out, contemplating, pondering with my fate, mapping plans, making up my mind where to go after graduation. I am eager to explore the world and ready to give up my comfort zone to take more challenging things in life.

After the toxic weeks of taking comprehensive exam, finally I can rest my tired brain and body with nothing to think about except where to go this summer hehe!

Last April 9 (since it was a holiday), I checked my DVD collection and noticed the first season of the Legend of the Seeker. This is quite funny because I had this DVD two years ago but had no time to watch it. So after taking my lunch, I immediately pulled my laptop and started my series marathon :-D

Legend of the Seeker is a fantasy adventure genre and loosely based on the Sword of Truth book written by Terry Goodkind. The story revolves around the quest of the seeker which guided by the confessor and the wizard. It involves lots of magic, sorcery, wizardry and all those fantasy stuff I adored :-D

I always love this type of genre because it compels my brain to work harder  analyzing the intricacy of the story, it makes me so very excited to wait for the next scene, next sequence, it invigorates my mind so there's no dull moment. 

Fantasy adventure lets my mind travel to another land, another dimension of life beyond contemporary times which is very liberating and mesmerizing, it allows my senses to relax.

protagonists of the Legend of the Seeker,
Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), the confessor, Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), the seeker, Cara Mason (Tabrett Bethell), the mord-sith and Zed Zorander (Bruce Spence), the wizard of the first order and Richard's grandfather

Legend of the Seeker is a hardcore fantasy film in the tradition of Lord of the Rings, it demonstrates the wonders of fairytales in the land of magic and charm and just like LOTR, Legend of the Seeker is entirely shot in New Zealand against the country's breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills, wilderness and scenic valleys and streams. 

But in great contrast of LOTR, Legend of the Seeker has a touch of romance and the human side thing, the idea of being in love, the compassion, wisdom and justice. There are plenty of humors injected in every scene which made the series very interesting and spellbinding.

The hunky actor, Craig Horner (Richard Cypher, the Seeker), and the gorgeous Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell, the Confessor). 

For those who wonder what's behind seeker and confessor stuff, here are some explanations:

Seeker - refers to a man who has been chosen to protect mankind  from evil and tyranny, someone who rises among heroes to respond to troubles in the land using the sword of truth as his weapon to defeat enemies.

Confessor - Traditionally belongs to an ancient order of women  who swear to seek for the truth. A confessor also serves as a protector to the seeker in fulfilling his mission. According to the legend, the seeker and the confessor should never fall in love or get married to each other because as soon as they consummate their relationship the power of the confessor will be unleashed making the seeker her slave, thus, become ineffective on his quest.

Legend of the Seeker is very delightful and entertaining. I love the thrill of adventure, the fantasy of magic, the prancing horses, the scenic view of the wilderness, mountains and valleys and the mysterious characters that possess powers, sooooooo fascinating!!!

After watching the 24 episodes (with lots of sleepless nights hehe!) of the first season, I went out to buy the complete second season the next day :-D

I am quite surprise why it was discontinued after season 2 when lots of viewers are asking for the return of the series, in fact there's a campaign in the internet called "save our seeker" begging for the resumption of the series.

I am hoping producers of Legend of the Seeker will listen to the demand of the viewers and let the series continue for more seasons!

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