Breaking the Spell

Maybe I am too engrossed watching Legend of the Seeker series on DVD and could not get over with the magic and charm of adventure and fantasy but right now it seemed there's a part of me that has been released from the "spell" that incarcerated my system for the past years, a spell that almost destroy my self confidence and my self-worth and now finally it is lifted.

It's just so funny to think but "spell", "magic", "tricks" we only heard from fantasy adventure stories can be so real at times. It seems we are bounded by a certain form of "spell" that made us to live as if somebody is controlling us, somebody is manipulating us and during those times that we are under this state we are unable to separate reasons from sentiments because we're so stupid to believe that what we currently see or feel is real but when that spell is lifted everything becomes very clear.

But of course life is a journey and with this, comes many obstacles along the way, each hurdle has a significant contribution to our growth and personal development making our journey meaningful, without it we may never realize our life's purpose and mission.

I've lived a beautiful life I should say and traveled a very meaningful journey, you see, I did not take a short cut instead walked on the long route thus suffered several mishaps along the way, humiliation, rejection, silent heartaches, failures, you name it, I endured it all, but these circumstances made me what today---emotionally strong and steadfast, efficient and mature.

In my journey, I made several stop overs, I did not rush into anything, I looked around and I enjoyed the scenery. This "long-route" somehow allowed me to spend plenty of time alone with myself, meeting new people, building association with others. Some provided me with great experiences in friendship, some helped me see the ugly  result of being too trustful.   

But what happened along the way should never be regretted because each circumstance is part of self-development and growing up, part of who we are, part of sorting out important things in life and assessing valuable decisions to make. So I have no regrets for whatever rift and bad experience I encountered, it made me get through with life. I learned so many lessons.
I remember this beautiful quote of wisdom uttered by Richard Cypher the seeker when he was trapped in the palace of the prophets in the second season of the series: Wizard's second rule: "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions". At times when we are too concerned with the welfare of others we are often misunderstood.

Now, I am ready to move forward and continue my journey. I am certain there are lots of challenges I would be facing, the road ahead is very tough and requires enormous amount of courage and determination but I am confident now to face the world.  

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