Artificial People

It's just so appalling to think how some people become so self-centered nowadays. Bitterly complaining publicly that they've been hurt, insulted, criticized, maligned and God knows what else. Are they trying to say they are the innocent party? Why they felt such things when they too are doing it to others and even worst?

I've been hurt many times, bullied, humiliated, rejected, received insult, exploited, used, belittled, damaging my self-esteem and self-confidence in the process, but I never harbour bad feelings even if the humiliation was injurious. I learned to forgive and forget because I wanted to save what is left for the friendship, I counted the good times and the niceties. I never look on the rough side because I know people by nature are good. So I got up and discard life's unfairness.

I don't usually washed dirty linen in public, I never made my disgust very public, as much as possible I want to keep things privately, with just myself. I try to lift it to God because that's the best thing to do.

But why others felt as if they are the victim in the story, as if they're the one who was hurt and insulted? Why they find it hard to accept that they are the one who first threw vicious words and personal insults. 

Maybe pride. Their pride is as large as Great Britain and could not accept the fact that there's someone who confronted them directly or maybe they are used to be admired and followed and could not accept the fact that there's someone who defied them, who challenged them.

These people are very dangerous to become leaders because they only listen to themselves, they refused to welcome one's opinions and refused to accept criticism. They don't know how to balance things. These people lack humility. Difficult to handle. Very artificial. Not real. Maybe they're hiding their true selves, who they really are. 

It quivers me to hear that they're brooding with something they defined as insulting when they're the one who inflicted it. Then buried the other person as repulsive. So what they think of themselves, heroes?Victims?Saints?

When you believe on something worth saving, you will count the good things shown to you and not marvel solely on the dark facade of life.

I've been through with it. Many times in the past. Everytime I engage into arguments, I never judge the person unfairly. I always think the good times and look on the bright side of life because not everyday is going to be like this. Tomorrow might be very different than today.

But I am tired doing it over and over again. I did not receive the same accord anyway, what I gained is always humiliation. So why continue acting like a martyr?

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