The Joy of Creating Blog and Banner

The most stressful moment of my life, so far, started last Tuesday...

I'd never felt such tension before! It's the day one of our comprehensive examination review and my mind clouded with so many stressful thoughts. Our comprehensive exam covers six MBA subjects: Human Behavior in Organization, Managerial Statistics, Marketing Management, Production Management, Financial Management and Strategic Managament and our compre review is divided into two weeks with 2 days allotted for each subject.

What made me so very stressed is the trend in the comprehensive exam result of MBA at AdDU -- only few takers managed to pass on the first take, waaaaah! Since it is very tedious, time consuming and very costly to undergo a re-take (and I am taking a foreign trip abroad comes June), I am focusing, really focusing hard to pass all  the subjects in just one take. And I am praying hard now as if I never prayed in my whole life hehehe!

So yesterday, to dart my mind temporarily to other rosy things in life, I surfed the net endlessly, researching for pastry recipes. I want to bake this weekend to relax hehe! I got some good tips in making Creamy Cupcakes and Chocolate Truffles. I wanna try Chocolate Truffles with Rolled Fondant that I kept on installing for the past days hehe!

And to further wind off my mind from tension, I fixed the blogsite of Let's DISH!Food and Coffee which I created and published some months back. You know, one of my de-stressing rituals in life and really my happiness is creating blog and banner, I really loved it to the highest level!

The banner of Let's Dish I created yesterday

Below are the banners I created for the rest of my BLOGS! 

For my Royal World blog
For my personal blog
For my Practical Wedding Guide blog
For my Travel and Leisure blog
For my Wedding Etiquette blog
For my Soap Business blog
For my Food and Home Life blog

There's something in writing and creating blog and banner that I find extremely relieving, it's the joy of seeing a creative work done and made its way to the internet world. It made me feel so very proud of myself, it made me feel very contented with life. There's a real, genuine happiness from deep within that surges high, it boosts my self-esteem, it felt like I suddenly turned into a superwoman. It colors my day beautifully, wheew!!

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