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As the Roman Catholic world continue to wonder why the 265th Vicar of Jesus Christ , Pope Benedict XVI, suddenly resigned, I treated it as a signal of a beautiful, promising outcome of the universal church. Though I was stunned with the Pope's decision not to finish his term, I respected it anyway. The pope's strength continue to decline and at 86 this year, his mental and physical health could no longer endure the stress and pressure associated with being the supreme head of the universal church.


I will continue admiring Benedict XVI and his devotion to uphold the traditional, conservative practices of the Roman Catholic Church and I will forever grateful with his effort to fight and defend the church and humanity against tyranny and immorality its laws and apostolic ministry and obeys the mandate instituted by the Roman Pontiff.

Since 2013 has been declared by him as Year of Faith, I am strictly observing the true embodiment of Catholicism in my daily life to keep connected with the essence of my religious belief. My Catholic faith is all I've got in this world, it's what keeps me grounded and safe through all these years.It's the only thing I cling to whenever I am in deep trouble. It made me feel very secure and peaceful.

I am following the practices and approaches mandated by the Popes. St. Pius X, who reigned from 1903 to 1914 and became a saint in 1954, strongly rejected the modern interpretation of the doctrine of the Catholic church, this principle was inherited by all popes that followed him,  this means that Catholics should never allow themselves to be duped by fundamentalists. 

Fundamentalists stir the foundation of the Roman Catholic church, confusing and driving Catholics to a different direction away from the practices of the pastoral mission. They can easily attract followers because of their unique public charisma, but their programs are not coming from the Vatican and not authorized by the Roman Pontiff.

I know how to detect fundamentalists so I avoided them at all costs. Whenever I am in doubts or have questions about my faith, I just read the Vatican II Council book, a paperback given by our Diocesan chancellor to my father. It answers everything about Catholic life.

This week starts the Lent Season, the most sacred and important season in the Catholic calendar, it is a good reminder that Jesus died on the cross for the salvation of mankind. According to priests, complete fasting should be done on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. In the province, we still observe this tradition. 

During the season of lent Catholics must observe abstinence on luxurious things, any thing considered luxury must be avoided. I always do an act of self-mortification during Holy Week and avoided anything fanciful, luxurious and comfortable. I wanted to follow the habit of Pope John Paul II about self-mortification. But I find some of those acts very tough to follow hehehe! Now I know it is very hard to become a saint :-D

Last night, I joined other parishioners at the Cathedral for the first Station of the Cross.

I often hate it when I hear former Catholics who converted to other religions uttered "I am no longer a Catholic, I am now a Christian", Oh Jesus!Did they understand the terms? Catholic church, called the universal church, is also a Christian denomination!

The founders of non-Catholic religions are those who go against the teachings of the universal church and any groups that will go against the universal church are called protestants regardless of who founded it, therefore the correct term to use is not Christian, but Protestant.

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