This is my third year of creating this list!

Yeah, the idea is somewhat perfect because this would give me a chance to tell the readers how each person had inspired my life and made it worth living the past year.

I've been reading TIME magazine since my teenage days so creating this list is somewhat very special.

TIME's Man/Woman/People of the Year are chosen based on how someone created a powerful impact and history to the world. The stories behind the recipients' achievement, influence and power are incredibly inspiring and moving that each year it becomes the most-awaited issue of TIME. So while the magazine looked for people in different parts of the world to bestow such honor, I would not look beyond borders for there are people in my circle who provided the same impact in my life

They are the people whose friendship, kindness, generosity in any form, comfort and sympathy helped me discover my strength, weakness, potential and value as a person. So this post is dedicated to them.


My blogging and cafe hopping buddy!:-)

I have countless reasons why I considered Kathy a huge influence in my life. Due to our common interest in writing we easily hit up. When we became friends in 2009, I discovered we have so many things in common.

We are both into blogging so we have lots of things to talk about in a day. Her expertise in web development became a huge help in my online writing activities. In 2010 she introduced me to Davao Blogging Community. We also shared other fields of interest - French language and photography!

Merci Kathy, apprends french un peu (thank you Kathy, learn French a little :-D)

With Kathy at Gusteau's last December 2011

She helped me understood the world of web technology better, she would take time to explain complicated terms and other technicalities. She is a great help to my blogging passion, every time I have something to ask, she would immediately rush to my side.Thank God she has plenty of patience whenever I badgered her with too many questions about creating a template or the coding tasks.

Another interest that bonded us together is FOOD!

Yeahhh we both indulged on starch and Japanese dishes!! In 2011, we would make a trip to a cafe house almost every week, it was her who introduced me to the best and finest Cafe restos in Davao city and to yummy foods! But we never go out just for pleasure, we mixed it with business. Between sip and chew, we would talk about internet marketing and online job.

She is a fantastic lady with incredible talent and skills. A web developer, blogger, photographer, fashionista, gosh she has it all! She is an artist by heart. A wonderful friend, someone I can rely with, who is always there when I needed her most.

Thanks Kathy for a beautiful friendship! ^____^


We've been friends nearly 15 years now,

Our closeness is somewhat unique, less than traditional. We never go in the same company, I have my own set of friends, he has his, but we understood each other pretty well and could count on one another when time calls it.

We may have some disagreement, petty arguments and misunderstanding from time to time but the same differences helped me to appreciate life more. Towards the end of the day I realized I should not look on the bad side of life, everybody has his/her rough side, if we allow bad things to overwhelm us we will never discover the golden side of humanity.

He's so good to me for the past years, remarkably generous and kind. Despite his achievement in life, he remained very humble and down-to-earth. He never brag about anything. He would just walk "silently" in the street sometimes in deep thoughts.

Every Christmas he would take time to buy a gift for me! Thank you so muchhhhh!


Helen is such a dear friend to me, more like a sister. I'd known her since college. We became close when we both work in UIC. She is someone I could really trust. She knows all my life's secret stories, it's her whom I confided my anxieties and silent heartaches and longings  because I know everything is safe in her  :-)

Helen is full of wisdom and her compassion is so amazing. When she was still in Davao, we would find time to go out and often take a trip to Pink sisters to pray silently. When she decided to go to UAE to work, it felt like I lost someone who had been my closest confidante.

We have the same principles in life, we breathed on the same faith. One thing that bonded us together is our loyalty and devotion to Catholic faith, we agreed that true love waits no matter what it takes haha!

She is incredibly generous and supportive. If ever I would die and be born again I would choose Helen as my biological sister because she is just so incredibly kind and level-headed! Thanks Helen for all the wonderful memories and for your generosity.


With Maam Emma last Institutional Christmas party, 2010

She is my immediate boss who doesn't act like a boss when we're in the office. We would talk silly stuff, then laughed and giggled on things that are not really big deal to others hehe! She would share valuable info about family life, about motherhood and being a wife. I learned so many things from her sharing.

I felt very comfortable and relax at the workplace and I am free to talk and share anything that comes to my mind. Lately, we've been very close, we could talk anything in a day, she would confide almost everything that happened around her, from family life to job-related stuff to the people she detested. 

She is very well-grounded and humble and very generous too! And as the year ended, she fulfilled one of my wishes - to own a book related to Steve Jobs. Thanks Maam Ems!


The first time I saw Juvy was in 2006 at the carenderia while having breakfast, I noticed she was so quiet and would just look at me with strange eyes hehe! Until Helen Montero introduced us when I went to the Finance Office one day. Since then we became good friends. She is someone who can be easily approached.

In 2011, we (with Kathy) regularly go out, dining and just going around to spend time laughing and sharing stories. She got married last year and she and her husband, Roy, granted my request --- two slices of their wedding cake hehehe! I asked for it days before their wedding for reasons that only us knew hahaha!

I went with them at the Pearl Farm following their wedding, our accommodation was sponsored by Joice Lagat. We had so much fun while at Pearl Farm, hope we could find time to be on a holiday trip someday.

Wishing Juvy for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery! Yeahhh I will be ninang again haha! Thanks Juv for being a great friend, for accommodating me last Christmas in your house and for all the wonderful time together!


I knew her since 2009. She left UIC in 2010 but our connection was never lost despite distance, we occasionally get in touch through text and Facebook messages, exchanging updates on many things, of our whereabouts and what we're up to at the moment. 

Last year, we're able to meet again at the wedding of Juvy and Roy. I spent one night with her at the hotel and we shared some girly talks, laughing and giggling. One thing I'd missed about Joice is her hearty laugh. It's so genuine and giggling! There's no boring moment with her because she has a tremendous sense of humor that really made me roll into laughter. 

She invited me to join them at Pearl Farm last August 2012, it was her treat to Juvy and Roy. We spent a day in leisure and laughter. It was a nice reunion, we had so much fun , I was able to relax and unwind.

Thanks maam for a fabulous holiday getaway and for a beautiful friendship, hope to see you some other time!


My closest MBA classmates, Gerlie Deguinion, Lucy Quibol, Dory Lungtad and Janice Guerra, are just among the people in my small circle of friends that made my 2012 a very happy year. We've known each other since 2010.
With Dory, Lucy and Gerlie during our educational trip at Mt. Apo Geothermal Powerplant 
in Kidapawan last February 2012

When I started attending classes in the graduate school of Ateneo de Davao, I felt very anxious because there's no one to turn to in the classroom, they were all strangers to me but as months progressed I became more acquainted with my classmates and was able to form a unique bonding with some of them.

Gerlie, Lucy, Dory and Janice are my closest. One thing that bonded us together is our very simple lifestyle so we easily understood each other, we shared common interest in life and unlike some of our classmates who are so "high end" and so "social" hahaha! the five of us are just...uhmmm... minimalists :-)

We came from different companies. Gerlie and Lucy are both CPA and working in Marsman and One Network Bank respectively while Janice and Dory are working in the Finance office of Ateneo.

My life in the graduate school became so relaxing partly because of their company, we never missed classes and every break we've to go out and eat and eat hahaha! We also talked about putting investment and starting a small business.

We remained very close after we finished our academic subjects last semester (first sem of school year 2012-2013), we still find time to meet and talk beautiful things in life. We planned to take a relaxing getaway after our comprehensive exam this March. I truly missed them.

Thank you guys for making a big difference in my life last year.

You've just meet the people of my year 2012!

To them...Thank you very much for everything, for being so good to me, for your kindness, generosity, support and for always being there...Godbless you all and Have a wonderful 2013!

How about you readers? Who are the people who made a huge impact in your life last year? Make your list too and tell a story how lucky you are having them around....

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