Innocence of the World :-)

Irish Capuccino at Euro Cafe

Yesterday, I went to Euro Café for a quick meal, I just want to relax and de-stress so I decided to drop by. Though this café house at the basement of Gaisano mall is surrounded with a play house with noisy children from all walks of life jostling inside the area and with their tiny voices screeching everywhere, I love resting there to indulge on my curiosity about children’s behavior. You see, I love discovering things even how trivial it is ^____^.

So while waiting for my order: Gideon Grilled Chicken and Irish Cappucino, I observed them closely. Oh! How I love the noise of the children, it’s so exciting at the same time appalling, I could see the innocence of the world in their smile and laughter, it’s so fantastic to hear them scream and screech, chuckling on a senseless stuff, jumping and shoving as if they own the world while their parents struggled hard to prevent them from falling. But as I see it, the kids did not mind with their parents’ predicament, all they cared at the moment is having fun and laughter. And that’s what makes the world of innocence very fascinating and carefree!

And this little scene of life wrapped me up and really made my day, it’s just a simple thing, so immaterial and yet the happiness I felt is so priceless and relieving. Through the laughter of the children, I felt the world is so lovely and wonderful, so harmless and virtuous.

The different behavior of the kids intrigued me, felt like I am in a battlefield of toddlers with distressed adults unsuccessfully taming them, watching them fought and scrambled with their parents or guardian just to allow them to play more on an extended hour until the last drop of coins were released, enthralled me to no end thinking what if I became a parent also?

What would I do with this kind of wrangling and wailing if I have my own kids? What kind of discipline I would instill to refine their attitude in public? What kind of preparation of parenting I would undergo to ensure they would never become so hardheaded and spoiled brats? Is a finishing school (a training school for character refinement dealing with manners and etiquette) concept of early educating kids are so timely and appropriate? Oh yes, so many thoughts, so many ideas fidgeting in my head at that moment.

Haaay! It’s just so amusing to see children wiggled with sad faces of parents’ expressions darting nearby hehehe!

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