I would never return to Facebook

Sometime in November this year, due to several reasons, I had deactivated my Facebook account. I became increasingly annoyed with its disgusting features, the TIMELINE is so irritating that I thought Facebook is no longer a fascinating fad.

But due to several pages I created for my sites (Royal World, Wedding Guide, Party Essentials and Dew of Nature), I was compelled to create a temporary account to serve as "admin" so that I can still access my pages. I have no plan to invite friends there but I will only log in to visit and update my pages. 

Since Facebook pages are dependent with who created it, the secondary "admin" could not access the profile of the people who liked that page (unless that "secondary admin" is also a friend to those people).

When I deactivated my Facebook account, I thought of reactivating it in the future because I recognized its importance of driving traffic to my blogsites, but now that I read something from yahoo about a newly introduced feature, "couple's pages" which other users around the world described as "creepy", "sickening", "repulsive" and "a digital scrapbook which you never asked to be created", I felt so aghast that I thoroughly discarded the idea of reactivating my account.

Well, I am not affected with this feature in the first place because I had no "In a Relationship" status update ever since but I felt that through this feature, Facebook really gone too far. What will be the next? Privacy is no longer protected.

So what's this Couple's Pages feature? According to the news, it is a page that charts interaction via posts and photos of two people who have registered themselves as "IN A RELATIONSHIP". 

So just imagined its dreadful impact if you hated your "ex" and then suddenly your sweet memories and cheesy conversation and photos you want to bury to the floor of the ocean will reappear. Well, if you love your ex and still could not get over then it's an advantage, it's as if you are taking a journey back in time, to the days of sweetness and romance. But what if you have a new someone? Is it a nice idea to keep revisiting those memories?

Well, as I said, I should not be alarmed with this feature because I have nothing to fear, I never had any "In a Relationship" stuff in my profile, but Jesus! This is a total nonsense, so rubbish! 

It was as if Facebook would want users to be mystified as teenagers, forever attached to mushy things and in fantasy, oh c'mmon let's move on, there's real life outside, beyond the wall of Facebook, plenty of beautiful things to look forward to than reminisced those gone with the ages memories.

It seems Facebook is running out of good ideas to keep its users under its wings and to keep the excitement alive and go on with competition. The result is a messy world. The next thing we know, our profile will be transported to our enemies.

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