Unfussy Life

Contentment cannot be found elsewhere, it comes from deep within and so with happiness and serenity. No person or place or tangible things could ever guarantee a complete happiness, not even that high-paying job everyone is dreaming.

Life in the city is intensely provoking, a torment, a cruel game, anguish is everywhere, you should be either tough or mad to play it well, things could make or break you depends on how you define your fate, everyone is in a race, they could be either an ally or an enemy, you don’t know who they are, a vulture or a lamb, everybody is wearing a mask. In order to conquer adversity, you must be a rambunctious and a disruptive fellow.

After spending many years living in the city, I felt I had pushed my life into madness and I felt so exhausted. I am tired racing with times. So I want to go back to the basic, to the magic of innocence, back to the days when life was still unfussy.

For once, I longed to catch the glimpse of the beautiful sky at night without the flickering light of the modern technology, just the shadow of the moon casting a silver thread over the placid river. No snarling of electronic gadgets, just a soft whisper from the wind rushing to touch the leaves of the trees.

I want to relax in a secluded beach or take a leisure walk in the countryside, pause for a while and look at the lovely flowers. I want to stand in the middle of a hilltop and look around, feel the stillness of the mother earth and listen to the chirping of the birds. Sit in the powdery beach and wait for the romantic sunshine to spread its magic. I longed to watch the gentle splashing of the waves to the seashore and feel the cool breeze coming from the ocean, just like before, when life was still young.

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