Thanking God

So many reasons to thank God today...

My fever and flu had finally subsided, I'd submitted my final requirements in the graduate school for last semester and had taken all the academic subjects for my masteral course. I've no large debt.

So I won't start regretting the day why something did not come out so well with my other plans and longings or why God (still) did not grant my long-standing prayer. I'm tired asking myself why "that" thing could not be realized. It is simply exhausting mentally. I would not entertain self-defeating thoughts because it attracts bad energy. 

I want to be grateful with life. I want to thank God for allowing me to wake up peacefully every morning to experience another day of excitement and wonders and see the beautiful sunshine and feel its warmth, I want to continue hoping that someday I can find what I am looking for.

Life is a mixture of sadness and happiness that is a fact, a mystery and an opportunity, if there's no sadness then it's impossible to appreciate happiness. I want to work on things that can make me happy. I want to focus on things that highlight my potentials and value. I don't want to be treated like a doormat anymore. I don't want to be used and exploited.

I'm longing to spend some quiet time in a beautiful garden to take a deep breath, to smell the soothing scents of blooms, to rest for a while, to think that life is always generous in so many ways and that I have no reason to fret every minute of the day.

There are plenty of beautiful things on the other side of the road, all I have to do is move with that direction and uncover the magic of life that God created.

I don't know but maybe, well, sometimes we need enough space to think clearly and recognize the fact that not everything we want in life can be granted because it will never bring good to us, that's why maybe God sometimes refused to grant that request because it was not what He wanted for us, it was not the kind of life that He has planned for us. But God is good, He always prepares something better, something fulfilling, better than what we always hoped for.

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