Quitting the Battlefield

My sacrifices did not pay off. My effort went into drain. But I have no regrets, it taught me so many things in life, made me a better person and encouraged me more to believe in dreams. 

Sometimes we must allow ourselves to wander around and take risks, give up our comfort zone and undergo the dreadful pain and rejection so that we will know what are the things worth saving. 

Life is a trial and error, we will lose some, gain some. Towards the end of the day, lessons will help us ponder on things that really matter in the end.

Life is too short to be wasted on things that cannot be realized. It seemed I am begging for something that cannot be given to me and I felt tired doing it, finally.

So I decided to quit and leave the battlefield, I am already wounded and to go on fighting is a deliberate suicide, I know I cannot win the war, even if I will crash all the obstacles, if the circumstances won’t cooperate, then the victory is like a far-flung planet, unreachable. So I drop my armor, loosen my grip and turn my back.

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