Movie Marathon Part I

I missed my days in the graduate school, yeah! No more case analysis, reports to make, so my weekend is quite comfortable and relax. So now, I have enough time to work on other things I neglected since taking masteral --  watching movies on DVD, writing articles and book contents, studying French language and other stuff and last week, I did a movie marathon on historical films!

I love this genre because at last I could watch the stories I only read in historical books. I am always fascinated with history on wars, ancient myths, medieval knights and kings and the ancient world in general. It seems there's something in there that I would want to learn more to find answers to my questions about life's mystery, about so many things, it's like traveling to another time.

One of my favorites is the Trojan War. It tells the saga of the Greek gods, its myths and tragedies. Trojan War spurred interest across generations due to some interesting characters in the story which survived in many classic Greek dramas down the centuries.

As we all know and read in the book, the war ignited when Helen, Queen of Sparta, began a passionate love affair with Paris, Prince of Troy, her abduction by Paris infuriated her husband, King Melenaus of Sparta. The latter sought the help of other Kings, including his tyrant brother, Agamemnon and started the siege of Troy which did not close until ten years later. The Trojan War myth provided literature with an immortal line "The face that could launch a thousand ships".

In this movie version, some distortions of the Greek Tragedy of Homer were seen. In Homer's poem, King Melenaus was not killed but in the movie he was killed by Hector the older brother of Paris and the noblest son of King Priam. In the poem, Paris will be killed but in the movie he managed to escape. But anyway, movies are always made different from the book and other sources.  

Yeah!It's a bit exciting, historical genre is so engrossing and of course quite long, but I love it. The story of Alexander the Great is another interesting one but I disliked the way it was made (the version I watched) so I made a lot of "forwarding" while watching hehehe!

I also watched "This Means War" as a good break from historical and serious films. The film stars Resse Witherspoon, it was very hilarious, I kept on laughing until the movie ended. It was a feel-good movie and I love the characters of Tuck and FDR!

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