Less Visibility

I want to minimize my "visibility" in the internet so I decided to deactivate my Facebook account and deleted my Google+ account. I am now concentrating in Twitter for the sake of attracting more traffic to my sites.

I've several public blogs, searching me online is a lot easier than finding me walking in the street so having a Facebook account is a way too much, I am afraid my privacy is in danger.  After eight years of joining several social networking sites, from Friendster to MySpace, to Facebook and Google+, I had enough. I became disillusioned with "socializing" online.

I joined Facebook in 2007 when everyone was still emotionally attached to Friendster, by that time Facebook was still a quiet place, now it looked like a messy gang street. I detested its new platform and features, I fretted other people's vulgarity and blatant showdown of vanity. So despising. There was no more excitement, no more mystery to hold on, everything is very public.

I want to retain some degree of mystery and discretion for myself, I don't want to share every detail of my day-to-day life, it's simply brassy. I want to protect what is left for my privacy.

But I have a twitter account to maintain my connection with the public for my blog links. Twitter is more ideal because I can follow the people/organization I admired, read their updates and interact with them. With twitter I am not tempted to read details of my friends' posts and became intrigued hehe!

I felt my life now is more quiet, peaceful and normal and I love it!

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