Domestic Violence

Just this morning, I read a very sad and frustrating news about this heartless mother from Texas, USA, who had been sentenced to 99 years imprisonment due to the physical abuse she inflicted to her 2 year-old daughter. This news really made me choke in disbelief and horror. How can a mother  got a nerve to abuse her own toddler?Who, at the age of two, is still very innocent and clueless with what's happening around?

The story goes that the young mother glued her daughter's hands on the wall and previously hit her in the head sending her to a coma, good that the toddler survived, there must be a good reason why God allowed her to survive.

I just can't understand why it happened, what went wrong with the head of that mother, who is suppose to be the protector of her own children and suppose to nurture and nourish them with so much care and love, can really do such repulsive and disgusting thing in life?

Didn't she know that it would leave a scar to the child's self-esteem in the future?The event would also leave a very traumatic experience in the child's life. If left untreated and unattended this very painful experience would be forever stuck in the child's mind and would later affect her behavior and personality including her interpersonal relationship with others.

I am just sad and very affected upon reading the news because I, myself is wishing to have children  of my own and praying fervently to God that I would be blessed with the gift of marriage. But this woman who is lucky enough to be blessed with children (she has 5 kids) was so ungrateful with this gift.

Why there are people like her?Why of all people who are longing to be blessed with children, it was her who had given an opportunity to become a mother when she could not embrace and fulfill the role lovingly?

Such a terrible thing to hear.

Well, for women who are not prepared to become a mother and who did not know the responsibility of being a mother, then don't get married or don't bear a child!You are just creating a mess in the society.

Few years back, when I had this very intense desire to get married and become a mother, I made an extensive research about parenting and how to raise children in a loving and very comfortable environment. That the best decision is (one of them) should be there for their children during their formative years. Motherhood is a priceless career and there's no amount of money can ever compensate that role.

Children are gift from God, parents never owned them, they are only used by God to be the instrument of their lives in this world, to guide them, to raise them well and nurture them, therefore they did not deserve to be abused.

The trouble with people is that they are only prepared and excited for the wedding but not for the real meaning of marriage itself or should I say, parenthood.

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