Clumsy Duchess

Amidst the joy and happiness felt by the Queen for reaching another milestone of her reign, the establishment she is trying to uphold with dignity and prestige is again heaved on the limelight with controversies, worst, it happens on the final three months of her jubilee celebration.

Prince Harry's nude photos taken at his hotel room in Paradise, Nevada, Las Vegas were leaked to the press. Buckingham Palace desperately defended the Prince by making several attempts to block the publication on magazines and newspapers.

Still reeling in embarrassment, the monarchy however wasn't able to get back from its feet when two weeks later, Harry's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, unwisely took off her top at the balcony of a French villa while spending a short holiday trip with Prince William. Unfortunately for her, paparazzi was not far from the villa.

France is one country in the world that British royals should suppose to be careful. The country  is home to aggressive paparazzi, who could forget the fatal car crash of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997? And the controversial beach getaway in 1994 of Sarah, Duchess of York, former wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, with her two young daughters and her financial adviser when she was photographed topless while sunbathing?

With the lessons from the past, the latest "outsider" to join the royal family should have been more careful with her actions in order to protect the British monarchy from international humiliation, but why she was so careless?

So it was her fault as what Donald Trump, a controversial American billionaire who is famous of giving unsolicited opinions on many things, had tweeted.

Why on earth she goes topless in a balcony where there could be a possibility that paparazzi is not far from their location?

Closer, a French magazine that published the topless photos of Kate Middleton

She is so clumsy and uninspiring.

In many of her outings most of the time she was so careless with her action. During their Canadian and yes, South Pacific tours, she unwittingly wore flowing dresses on their way to the airport. Why she was not wise enough to choose an appropriate dress? She could have at least wear something fitting because common sense dictates that airport area is very windy and there would be  a possibility that a flowing dress would be blown up.

During their tour in Canada, July 2011
At the Brisbane airport last September 18, 2012
Same story of clumsiness, why she did not learn a lesson?

Does she have a little common sense?

Now, the British monarchy is put again in a very uncomfortable situation. Kate Middleton's topless photos are the first embarrassing shots taken from the wife of a senior male member of the royal family since the topless photos of Sarah, Duchess of York, made headlines in 1994.

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