CC Earrings!

If one day, Santa Claus would come to ask "What can I give you this Christmas?", I  would really blurt "a pair of double C earrings! hehe...

Yeah!To own a pair of CC drop earrings is always part of my wishes at Christmastime. Love it so much!

But the truth is, I am not really into jewelry and never dreamed to waste my hard-earned money on it. The only time I had a pair of gold earrings was back in college courtesy of my mother, it was a pure gold studded wheel design, unfortunately I lost it a year later (sigh!) and my mother was slightly disappointed :-)

The only piece of jewelry I fancied to wear is a pair of earrings and my obsession is more on monogram designs that's why I love the double C studs.

In fact if ever I could still get married in the future, this will be the only pair of jewelry I would wear in the wedding ceremony, I would choose the metallic stud because as tradition dictates, pearl is inappropriate to be worn as an accessory for weddings because it symbolizes tears and sadness.

I am not so much into necklace, it is so itchy hehe! So I would settle for earrings.

(Trivia: according to world renowned wedding gown designers, brides should not wear a necklace when wearing a gown with details around the bodice and sleeves because it will destruct the beauty of the design).  

These are my favorite CC designs!

Simple white gold drop design

Double C dangling Heart-shaped with diamond studs. 
I want to wear this on my wedding day!haha!

Or this...which ever is available

If someday, I could still get married (hehe), I want to wear either the heart-shaped design or the sunshine edition (picture above) of CC on my wedding day. I want the blue sapphire rock to be replaced with a ruby stone ^____^

Doube C with drop white pearl design

Double C is a trademark of the fashion house Coco Chanel, a French brand with worldwide coverage of distribution. The concept was created by its former creative director, German fashion expert, Karl Lagerfield. He experimented several designs before he settled on interlocking monograms.

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