Weekend Wellness

Just got home from Metrolifestyle' Bahia Spa and Wellness.

It was my first time to undergo a full body massage and spa and it felt great, so relaxing and relieving!

I and my friend, Beth Galindo, chose the Swedish massage and mild body stretching because we felt we need to go a little bit far in body relaxation. We took a hot shower first then followed by a steamed bath (we never tried jacuzzi because it was so cold hehe) and it felt like all toxin and stress in my body had been lifted.

For one hour, my mind was so relaxed and at peace, the room, which was partly lit up and covered with aromatic earthly scent, provided a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of being at home. I loved the way my body was knead and rub, every joint was thoroughly squeezed. It was so invigorating! There was a free hot tea  served afterwards.

We spent dinner at Mandarin after the body massage session then went home at 8:00 pm. I went to bed soundly and the feeling was so light.

Towards the end of next month, we planned to go to Metrolifestyle again to undergo another wellness and relaxation adventure -- the body spa and scrub with milk tub soaking, I want to try the kapeng barako body scrub hehe!

This is life and I love it!!

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