Womanhood is a gift!

I am smarter now how to cut people's nonsense prodding (on getting married) with my sharp tongue. Though sometimes I would just smile and made effort to keep my mouth shut and dismiss them as nuisance, their idiot and stupid comments would sometimes provoke me to utter hard-hitting words.

And just like a serpent with a poisonous sting, when provoked and irritated, I could easily hurl not-so-fascinating words.

What's the matter with people in the 21st century? Are their brain being sucked dry? 

Haaaay, people who constantly wag their tongue about getting married are those who are absent when God spreads common sense, so why listen to them? Their views are just confined in the four corners of their bedroom. They are hardly ideal conversation-buddies.     

Aren't they know that the government can even benefit from it?

Aside from the huge withholding tax, singles cannot contribute to population explosion dreaded by officials pushing RH bill. And of course marrying late has great advantages when it comes to economy -- more matured, more stable, more self-assured, focus and determined towards family rearing, responsible enough to handle complexities in life and most of all cannot afford anymore to have half dozen kids. 

Singles have wide purchasing power capability. We can spend our income on anything we want. Purchasing power is one factor of consumption, an item in the calculation of GDP (gross domestic product) which measures the economic situation of a nation.

People have different perception about life. While others believed that their fulfillment and happiness can only be found in married life, others, like me, viewed human existence differently. I have my own priorities and goals and I have a different concept of fulfillment and happiness.

I know why God allow me to remain unhook and still available in the dating world. Maybe because He wants me to experience the real meaning of life and be emotionally secure first so that when time calls it perfect to meet "the one", I know how to balance things and will not break under pressure!

God is good! He only delays things but He never forgets. Celebrate life, celebrate womanhood because it is a gift itself!

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Nortehanon said…
well, hurray to singlehood and hello there fellow single lady ;)

Miss N of