Fuming Mad!!!

Dear Blogging,

I am again seeking your comfort because I've no one to turn to. No one to confide my disgust and remorse.

I am extremely pissed off! I am fuming mad! A while ago I encountered a despicable person, an idiot old cave man who rose from the dead of the amphibians who seemed did not know the basic thing of good etiquette, why he kept pushing me with his friend? That friend of his is painfully ugly and ghastly, look yourselves in a mirror to find out where to put yourselves, you fools!!

I am terribly enraged right now that no amount of words can describe the degree of  anger and hatred I felt,  and no amount of repent can pacify my incensed spirit, what makes it worst is that there are people in the environment who are equally ignorant, very insensitive enough to conspire with that idiot, morbid idea! God forbids but I want to drag their faces on the wall and slit their throats! 

They are the kind of people who are absent when God spreads common sense! And they are the same people whom I detested infinitely, the very same people whom I never want to associate myself with not even in my night mare, they are dreadful and ghastly!

I was never humiliated in my whole life. I felt the humiliation terribly disgusting that I blurted words that cannot be swallowed by any animal in this planet.

The trouble with stupid people in this world is that when you seems nice to them, they would abuse and exploit you and cross the parameter of treating you like one of those garbage folks out there, well they are greatly mistaken in double crossing my road! I never give license to anyone to disrespect and humiliate me, not in my sane memory!

One of the things I hated most in this life is when stupid people push me towards something that is so condemning, ghastly and horrible that even I would die a trillion times it still made me vomit with fury, and that’s an insult in its highest form, and that’s one thing I cannot stand. Are they hallucinating? Are they in their correct senses? 

Well, man, here's one thing I can say straight to your disgusting and dreadful face, you are insane and what you are thinking is simply a chillingly morbid idea only boorish person can take. What you need is an antidote of your fantasy. I was not raised by my parents to become the butt of jokes with stupidity from ill-breed people.

So sickening! It made me quiver in disgust!

In my life, I always make sure I never hurt anybody with my actions and words, I am always careful not to step on other people’s shoes, but when provoked with impoliteness, the devil streak in me would really explode up to eternity.

I have a stretch patience but I cannot tolerate any rudeness in my surroundings! In a situation where I am extremely mortified with ludicrous ideas that only idiot and nonsense people can take, the only thing that comes into my mind is that it is not always good to treat everyone nicely, it is always a disadvantage to spread your smile to everyone, now I am keeping my niceties to myself, the hell with them!

Anyway why do I have to stress out myself with unworthy prodding fabricated and invented by individuals whose brain being sucked dry?

This is a great lesson to me -- never ever give your politeness to every person you get acquainted with, not all of them are worthy to be respected. You never know what kind of animal they are.

I would never associate myself again with these people.

I was taught since childhood to be gracious to everyone and to show respect to every human kind but with what they are doing to me, they will see the evil side of me and I don’t give a damn!

What’s more painful with this circumstance is that nobody there seems to listen and no one seems ready to sympathize with my plight, no one is ready to defend and protect me from these morbid, ghastly and idiot people.

But I grew up living alone and maneuvering my life independently, so I must learn to fight my own battle and making sure no one would ever disrespect and humiliate me again. No one!

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