Celebrity not Royalty

Kate Middleton with Prince William and celebrity, Tulisa, wearing the same dress on a different occasion.
Kate Middleton right and Kim Kardashian left. Middleton is slowly ushering the British throne into the mold of merely celebrity, an idea dreaded by the royal family.

As a loyal royalist, even in the beginning of their courtship, I detested Kate Middleton and extremely against on Prince William's relationship with her. I always believe that the Prince, who is so closer to the throne, should never marry a non-aristocratic woman to protect the prestige and magical existence of the monarchy.

I always feel that Middleton could pull down even more the prestige of the British throne because of her unfamiliarity with the royal life. Now, my fear is slowly coming true. Kate Middleton who did not deserve to be called "HRH" is slowly pushing the monarchy into the territory of merely film stars and not royalty, a thing dreaded by the royal family.

During her first joint oversea's tour with Prince William, Prince Charles was reportedly alarmed by the turn of event when the news surfaced in England that the couple acted like Hollywood celebrities, the Prince of Wales with due respect to his parents, is very cautious not to give an impression that royals are like movie stars. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh never signed for autograph even at the request of the media and never grant on-the-spot interviews without passing the palace's press office because they did not want to act like movie stars.

At the Royal Flotilla where royal family members passed through the River Thames, Middleton wore something that had been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Tulisa. Why she is not wise enough to choose a wardrobe carefully?And that was so red!in contrast to the dress worn by the Queen which is very immaculate, appropriate for the occasion. 

By choosing that ridiculous scarlet dress the commoner Kate reduced to the status of Kim Kardashian. I always felt that this woman did not blessed with the right common sense and was not tutored properly with correct social graces. May the Queen will live longer to prevent Middleton from becoming a Queen Consort and the throne by that time, I hope would be passed directly to Prince Harry whom I prayed to be ended up with an aristocrat.

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