My Afternoon Tea Break

Yeah!Taking a daily Afternoon Tea break ^____^

Quite relax and more compose to go on with life now. Maybe bad eating habit was the culprit of my spiky moods the past weeks so I've decided to change my eating style and adopted this very British thing, regularly practice by the royal family especially Queen Elizabeth II. Hmmm, maybe this is the reason why the Queen at 86 and her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh at 91, are still spritely active and healthy, so I thought of adopting their healthy eating habit through Afternoon Tea style.

Incorporating this habit to my MEDITERRANEAN DIET is so fantastic, this will save me from going to a derma clinic hehe. Afternoon Tea break varies in foods depending on your choices, but traditionally this break serves hot cup of green tea and tea sandwiches and scones. 

Tea sandwiches are not food on the run but rather prepared delicately in tasty morsels with high flavoured ingredients such as watercress, anchovies, mustard and smoked salmon. But because I am making simple tea sandwiches, I just stuffed it with simple ingredients.
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

CUCUMBER TEA SANDWICH - This is my starter Afternoon Tea food. Composed of soft, crustless white bread (my boardmate once asked me why I removed the crust of the bread hehe) stuffed with thin slices of cucumber, hardboiled eggs, lettuce, tomato and low fat butter.

FETA TEA SANDWICH - I used a whole wheat bread for this tea sandwich stuffed with feta cheese, lettuce and julienne strip carrots.
Green Tea

GREEN TEA WITH HONEY - The beverage I habitually drink for the past ten years now. It is a very effective cleansing and detoxifying agent. It contains a very powerful antioxidant called catechin which protects women from breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Study shows that Green tea helps remove toxins from the body and fights free radical damages, the main causes of premature ageing and chronic diseases.

In the succeeding weeks, I will try to experiment on scones and other types of morsels for my Afternoon Tea break!

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