I am so irritable these past days...so many annoyance, disappointments and frustrations. My mood is swinging high and I am on the verge of quitting my not-so-appealing job. I hate this environment, so irritated that I want to eat and eat whole day. No, I am not in bad trouble of course, I just felt extremely exhausted with so many things.

Why I felt really bad?It seems there's an evil spirit lurking behind my back. The breakouts in my face maybe have something to do with my tantrums. For heaven's sake why these annoying pimples kept returning in my skin?? I felt very ugly even more, so ugly that I am not in a good condition to fix myself.

Negative emotions keep haunting me. I felt I am ugly, I felt I am not needed, not loved nor liked. I felt people in my surroundings rejected me every minute of the day. I hate this feeling, I want to escape temporarily. If I had only the money, I would really take a break to a foreign land and just stroll around the park and momentarily forget everything...!!!!

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