Annoying People

I am extremely irritated and disappointed towards something and someone right now and my irritation progresses to anger every minute. I am simply tired elaborating and enumerating my exasperation so I choose not to talk about it anymore.

Why do I keep on insisting myself when I am not needed?

Well, the bottom line of this is, in life, let's admit it, there are really people in our surrounding that we don't like to be associated or to be with, we simply detested them and the mere sight of them made our stomach lurked in rage. 

This natural reaction is somewhat part of our intuition and we cannot control it and there's nothing we can do about it, forcing to appreciate that person is a total madness. 

I'm no exemption.

There are also people in this world that I really detested and no matter what others say, I cannot force myself to appreciate them or like them, it is simply ridiculous. 

Here are the top five annoying people in my list.

If I would be given a chance to throw people to another planet and close the earth so that they can never return, then these are the people:

1. Lady Gaga - as stupid and as creepy as her intention to become famous, this artist from hell is simply one of the worst choices of the public to be admired. She is such an idiot human being who regularly lambasted Catholics and everything about Catholicism in her garbage songs.  I am wondering why she ever got so many fans? Are people gone extremely mad? Why they appreciate such crap music? You know, our likes and interests are reflection of who we are, so be careful with who you admired with, you might be trapped by devils dressing humans.

2. Kate Middleton - The commoner from the basement of the social class system of Britain who did everything she could to be the wife of the future British King is one of the most annoying people to hit the world. For non royalists, her inclusion to one of the oldest monarchies in the world is no issue, but for conservative royalists, her "sudden" transformation into royalty is so artificial. Well, she wanted to be come a royal ever since she was a kid so let that dream embrace her and let's see how long she can endure the scrutiny of the public. In the future, British royals are no longer "genuine royals" their bloodline is already contaminated with Kate's commoner DNA. Due to my irritation for Prince William's decision to take a commoner wife, I silently uttered the famous line blurted by King George V about his eldest son, Prince David who became Edward VIII and abdicated to marry his commoner lover: "I pray to God that David (William) would never produce heirs so that nothing could come between Bertie (Harry) and the throne"

3. Kim Kardashian - Oh, well, this woman needs no further introduction because everybody knows she is annoying and repulsive, a major show off.

4. Camilla Parker Bowles - Up to now I cannot bring myself to call her "HRH" just like her fake stepdaughter-in-law whose eyeliner made her look like the estranged wife of Dracula. At least Camilla is not fan of wearing dark eyeliner, good for her. Still, I considered her as one of the disastrous commoners welcomed by the British royal family. 

5.  Angelina Jolie- I am praying to high heaven that yahoo news would never feature a single article in two months related to this woman. I hate her. I don't find her lips gorgeous, heaven! Why people's definition of sexiness suddenly changed from swaying butt to pouting lips? I don't find it appealing, I find it very awful and disgusting and excuse me, she is not pretty hellooo! Her appearance at the Oscar 2012 ceremony where she donned a black dress with a long slit that revealed her skinny thigh was so cheap that became the most mocked appearance at Oscars, it only proved her mild insanity.

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