Her annoying frizzy hair

Why the Duchess of Cambridge could not do something to properly comb her frizzy hair? It is so irritating to look every time she appears in public with her old-fashioned dresses and locks that's so untidy, now I am not sure why the media continue claiming she is gorgeous when her hair does not speak for itself. The strands are flying everywhere and it seemed badly dishevelled and very dry.
It seems she needs to be lectured what proper grooming is all about
She badly needed a good hairstylist
She looked 10 years older with her hairstyle
And my God she is not pretty!!If this is the definition of a pretty face then I wonder where the ugly fits in. Can the media be more realistic and not blinded with the role this woman will assume someday?

Seriously speaking, I am not into this woman and so confused why half of the public is smitten with her when she does not reflect what glamour is all about. Her legs are so tacky and morbid lots of cellulite and so skin and bone, her hair is so damn ugly and her fashion taste is so dull and boring and pretty ancient.

I suspect, people just love her for the role she will assume someday and because she is a wife of a Prince people concluded she is extremely fascinating but when you look at it closely there's nothing to fuss about this social climber commoner. 

She is far from the class and elegance of other commoners who married European princes: Mary of Denmark, Maxima of the Netherlands, Charlene of Monaco and Letezia of Spain they epitomize glamour and elegance, maybe because they have stable careers before marrying a prince and not this Middleton woman who had no stable career prior to her marriage, her only known job at that time was tailing Prince William and made sure he will marry her.

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