People of My Year 2011

This is my second year of preparing my list of the people who made a strong impact in my life for a given year.

For this list, I will try to exclude my direct family because it is a common knowledge that parents and siblings, no matter what happens, are always part of the significant portion of one's life. They are my strength and inspiration too no doubt about it and when life becomes unfair it's my family whom I always run to.

But for the list of my people of the year I will try to choose individuals outside my family to be recognized.

For year 2011, here they are:


Who would not be inspired with the great visionary leader of our time? Steve Jobs was truly exceptional and his influence was massive. He was not only an extraordinary entrepreneur in our planet but a great innovator too.

I did not meet him in person of course but his influence was so profound. I've been closely following his life since 2005 and so mesmerized with his stellar achievement in the field of information technology. His death last October 2011 struck me deeply and I cried when I read the bad news. It was so devastating.

Steve Jobs was incredibly great in his field and he made life very easy with his innovation, he changed the way we communicated and the way we used electronic gadgets. It's just so frustrating he gone so very early.


Yes! Helen is one of my truest friends in life, she is like a sister to me and when I am in a great emotional upheaval it's her who always pacifies my mood and helped me get back on my faith. We easily understood each other maybe because we are breathing the same faith, same principles in life.

She is so generous and extra kind to me and I always considered her friendship one of the most treasured gifts I received from God. No matter where I am, Helen will always be part of my inner, most trusted circle of friends!


She is my blogging buddy and one of my closest friends in the University. We have so many things in common that's why we always agree into everything. We talked almost everyday and shared our passion in blogging, internet marketing and fashion hehe!

We both like to devour European and Oriental dishes so we bonded on foods effectively! Almost every week we gone out to try new cuisine in different cafes around Davao. She had introduced me to almost terrific food establishments in the city. When it comes to food, we're on the same wavelength ^_____^


Juvy is also a colleague and just like Kathy, we frequently go out sharing beautiful laugh over foods! She is so level-headed and rarely witness her getting angry. She can be easily approached and never let pressure ruins the day. Juvy is full of fun and laughter and I love talking to her, she is extra supportive too.


We've been friends for a long time. We are like cats and dogs! We fight over anything, most of the things we wrangled don't really make sense but towards the end of the day it's him whom I still prefer to talk because he understood the real me and no further discussion needed every time I told him about a certain thing. He also gave me so many expensive presents haha! And with that I am truly grateful.

Oh yes! They are the people who made my year 2011 an inspiring and unforgettable one. The influence, inspiration and lessons they gave were truly memorable.

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