Is She Barren?

Kate Middleton (I just love calling her with her birth name than Duchess of Cambridge) must concede to the fact that her life is no longer hers. 

The moment she accepted her fate to be with Prince William, she must understand the reality that life in royalty is no longer private. Now the public treated her just like a commodity, debating her new clothes, her new shoes and endlessly talking about the next fashion she will be embracing on her next public appearance. I am wondering if she can really handle the stress and tension in the future. Well, I hope she can.

Early this year, people could not wait to see her walk-down-the-aisle at Westminster Abbey, debates include the speculations of what design of bridal dress she will be wearing, who will design it and how the gown would look like in her slim figure. Then came the never-ending talk of where the couple would spend their honeymoon. Then the US and Canada joint tour where the public closely followed her hairstyle, the number of clothes she wore and the recycled jeans she donned.

Few months later, the people wanted her to get pregnant. Speculations of whether she is pregnant or not, or what months her belly would swell, dominated the tabloid. Andrew Morton, the biographer of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, even went on to say that Kate "must" get pregnant this year, as if she is an automatic robot, or else she will be defying the royal tradition of getting pregnant within the year of marriage. Then the month of December came. With no sign of pregnancy or whatsoever. 

Is Kate getting pressured with all these nonsense expectations from her as if she is not a human being? Why on earth people pushed her to get pregnant as if she is nothing but a brood mare, that's so ridiculous to think. But that's the reality of being in the royal spotlight. Diana had experienced it in the past which she pronounced as "unbearable". Kate can handle it since she had been with Prince William longer than Diana with Charles. 

But yes, me too, is wondering why she is still not pregnant after eight months of marriage. Is she barren? Next year, around February, Prince William will be dispatched to Falkland in Argentina for six weeks and Kate will be left behind. So it is impossible for her to get pregnant around that time. If she is barren, well, I doubt if William will follow what King Henry VIII had done to Catherine of Aragon---divorcing her in order to find a new wife that could give him an heir. Anyway, Prince Harry is next in line.

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