One day more to go and 2011 will finally bid goodbye and now we will be entering the year which most fake visionaries, including one movie, predict the world will meet its tragic end.

Of course most Catholics, including me, dismissed it as pure hogwash!Baloney!

I am unfazed with all those signs they claimed, (yahoo news even published one article about these signs like global warming, strong solar flares affecting communication, giant asteroids closely passing dangesrously to earth, pole shift, strong volcanic eruptions, tsunami, typhoons, etc.) maybe we are just being abusive to the mother earth, prompting terrible calamities, hammering the world constantly with disastrous occurrences. 

But anyway, though I firmly believed the mother earth would never come to an end, I could not deny the fact that global warming is happening, but this does not mean we will going to perish next year, I think global warming is a reality as the earth ages. 

When I returned home last Christmas, I was appalled to find out that our place is about to be shrouded by the sea, you know the sea water is closely edging us out from the town, the coastline beginning to appear so wide and the houses and coconut trees at seaside were washed out by the waves. And oh, the waves, according to my mother become more and more fierce and aggressive, tearing the coastline like monsters and the pacific ocean released gigantic waves at high tide even without storm.

One Christmas morning after breakfast, I went to the seaside to breath fresh air and stare at the pacific ocean and wait for the sunshine to kiss the sea water ^____^
I also wait for the waves to come to the shore to chase it.hehe. ---  my favorite past time when I was still a kid
Watching the shimmering sunshine magnified like a silver thread to the sea water is always a soothing relief

On the Christmas morning, I went to the seaside near our house and so horrified to see how the area was ravaged by the raging waves. In fact when I went there, it was low tide but the sea produced terrible waves, I just sit beside the sea wall with my brother and stared at the beautiful horizon that divide the water and the sky, the shimmering rays of the sunshine magnified to the water creating a silver thread that sparkle beneath the moving waves, it was terrific, I love it when I see the magical sunshine rays kissed the sea water, such a soothing view, it calmed my spirit.
The long coastline at the back of our house where I used to spend my free time
Strong evidence of global warming--rising sea level!
The sea frequently produced gigantic waves tearing the seaside terribly, coconut trees and houses were being washed out and if not for the sea wall, the waves might come to our kitchen hehehe
Bubbles, lots of bubbles

I walked there for a while, running before the waves just like what I used to do when I was still a kid, I run at the long coastline and breath fresh air, but I could feel the warm temperature of the environment even it was still morning and the whole surrounding seemed to be a dead nature. The sea becomes wider and wider and the mere look at the Pacific Ocean made me think if doomsday is coming near. 

Marihatag seaside before

But despite all these bad things in life and what fake visionaries claimed, I don't believe the world will ever end by 2012. My God!No one knows exactly the "timeline". In fact, our faith always told us to "prepare" for the second coming of Christ because we will never know when it will happen. Not even scientists or other learned people can accurately predict the end of the world through disasters and catastrophes. Only God knows when will this thing happen. 

The world will never perish, but human will. Everybody has to die. What we need to do is just simply take care and be a good steward to the mother earth. Global warming is happening because of human activities. Climate change, rising temperature of the mother earth (which triggers the erosion of glacier), rising sea level, carbon emissions, all these things contribute to global warming. Though we cannot prevent the warming of the earth, we can at least slow it down or minimize its effect.

How to do it? Here are valuable tips from Yahoo news:

1. Avoid using washing machine. Or if you use it switch it to 30 degrees centigrade. It can save at least 40% of electrical energy (thank God I have no money to buy a washing machine ^___^)

2. Go Online. As the modern world ushers us to a high technology era, utilizing what is being offered by online  transactions is more ideal than doing it manually. It can save tons of papers. More developed countries are now turning to online transaction to save time, effort and expenses.

3. Conserve Energy - Turn off unnecessary home appliances. Microwave ovens, ranges, electric kettle, electric gas stoves, heater, are unnecessary stuff, you can cook, heat water or fry dishes in a natural way. Couch potatoes (people who watched television endlessly, day and night) should know they are wasting money and energy. Learn to cut back hours of watching television and turn it off when not in use.

4. Collect rainwater. Set up a large bucket in your garden or near your kitchen to collect rainwater to be used in watering your plants, washing the kitchen sink, car, flushing the toilet and other household cleaning necessities. This can save good amount of energy and you will be spared from paying mounting water bills.

5. No to plastic bags. According to Yahoo news, plastic bags are massive eco-villains.Their production contributes to air pollution and lots of energy consumption. Use eco-friendly bags made from fibers instead.

6. Plant your own food. This is why I love going back home because I can eat fresh foods. Grow vegetables, spices and fruits in your garden or in your farm if you have one. It allows you to eat natural foods free from pesticides and chemicals, plus it helps the environment becomes cooler and fresher.

7. Keep mobile phones longer. Okay, most people might disagree with this tip, but according to yahoo, this is one of the most practical ways to save from electrical waste, so try not to replace your mobile phones every year.

8. Go meat free. At least one finding from the United Nation Food and Agricultural Organization said that grazing livestock largely contributes to today's most serious environmental problems. By avoiding meat, you will not only spared from acquiring health troubles, but also help reduce carbon emission.

Okay, there you go. By putting these tips into practice we can truly save the mother earth and make the environment a better place to live in for the next couple of years, or even centuries...


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