Christmas Wishlist

Just in case Santa Claus is now high tech and just want to surf the net to read people's wish list for a stress-free gift-giving I made one...haha!

According to old folks, whenever you want something badly, just believe in yourself that you can have it, so, here, I am listing the things I want to have this Christmas season and hope Santa find these things very realistic...realistic enough to be thrown in my bedroom window at Christmastime.
Burberry bag
Elegant Vacheron Constantin watch costs six digits in Philippine currency

But in the event that Santa Claus becomes busy with other undertakings like giving gifts to other people and would just choose to follow a different route to Africa or North Pole and will have no enough time to land in Philippine soil, I will just continue praying and hoping I can find ways to buy my wish list, if not this year, in the near future. Well, they say, if you want something badly, continue hoping for it, things will just flow according to what the heart wishes, naks!

My Christmas Wishlist

1. MacAir - I love Steve Jobs and I love Apple products and a MacAir is simply a fantastic and sophisticated Apple product line!I desperately want to own a MacAir, well, not so much about sleek technology but about brand fascination.

2. Burberry bag - I love Burberry brand, very feminine and elegant. There are several replica of burberry bag I saw in the market but my favourite is the Tartan maroon design. 

3. Double C earrings - I desperately want to own a double C earrings because it looks so pretty, elegant and sexy. I recently bought a double C earrings but it's not what I wanted (I just bought it because I could not find the design I wanted). My dream double C earrings is a drop design of silver and pearl.

4. Vacheron Constantin ladies watch - Okay, this item is part of my wildest dream, I know how expensive a Vacheron Constantin brand is, even the imitation variety the cost seems like an eternal quest so I will leave it to fate hahaha!

5. Girbaud wallet - I saw one item at SM but gosh!It's too expensive, again, I will leave it to fate hehehe.

6. LK Bennett Nude Patent - ahem...okay, this has nothing to do with Kate Middleton (her favourite brand of shoes is obviously LK Bennett), I just admired the way LK Bennett designed and manufactured women's foot wear and I want to own even just one pair of its kind..hehe

7. Biography of Steve Jobs (link from Amazon at left) - I greatly admired the late Apple CEO and having one book related to his life in my position is truly a fantastic gift for a lifetime. 

There you go Santa, "can you fill my stocking" with at least one of the above wishes? ^____^


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