BPI Machines

Got these whole new practical and very modern customer service facilities of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) which would not compel the clients to stand in the queue for long hours and wait to be served.

I made transactions with other banks but I'd never encountered such sleek machines like that of BPI. This new development of customer services of BPI would really bring the competition into a whole new level.

BPI Express Assistant Machine

BPI already has this Express Assistant Machine which begins its operation during the middle of this year. I first encountered this technology (and I was so ignorant when I first tried it..hehe) three months ago when I did my deposit. 

When I went inside the bank and looked for a deposit slip, the guard told me to go to EA machine to key in the details of my transaction. It was a touch screen so I was a little bit apprehensive. Well, this machine would not allow you to deposit the money but just speed up the transaction. Clients will key in the account details and the amount to be deposited then a priority number will just come out from the machine. Clients would still go to the teller, the difference is, no more slip to write the deposit/withdrawal on.

BPI Express Deposit Machine

Now, here's one...more practical and trendy than EA machine...

BPI Express Deposit machine is the very first online deposit facility in the Philippines which allows clients to do actual cash deposit with real-time credit accounts.

Okay, just when others are just learning to make transactions with EA machine, BPI offered yet another technology. This very high-end development of customer services of BPI truly reflects the ingenuity of their slogan "We will take you further".

Yesterday, I made a visit to the bank to deposit some portion of my salary, as I approached the EA machine, the bank receptionist told me to try this new machine which BPI recently introduced because it will make my transaction faster without going to the teller anymore. So I did...and puff, everything finished in a matter of second and amazed when the slot machine opened and "swallowed" my money.

It's the fastest way to make a cash deposit and I really find it very simple! This is so far the fastest way to deposit cash. The transaction will be credited in real time. Denominations accepted by this machine are P100, P500 and P1,000 and credited to the account instantly!

Very quick and easy, this machine allows the clients to do deposit transaction even during holidays and bank day-off. No forms to fill up and no need to put cash in an envelope. 

How to do it? Simply follow the following steps:

1. Count your cash
2. Put it on top of the slot machine
3. Insert your card
4. Select language desired
5. Select "Express Deposit"
6. Press Deposit

The machine will release a transaction receipt as proof of your cash deposit with details of the denominations. Well, this is what we called "convenience at its best"!

Note: PIN is required when you do balance inquiry, fund transfer, etc. so never allow somebody to do it for you.

Aside from real-time deposits, the BPI Express Deposit Machine can also provide the following services:

1. Balance Inquiry
2. Funds Transfer
3. Bills Payment
4. Prepaid Cellphone Reloading (Globe and Touch Mobile)
5. Prepaid Card/Express Cash Reloading.

I love BPI more than ever!

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