Princess Consort

"I prefer to be known as Princess consort when Charles ascend the throne"--Camilla Parker Bowles

Okay fine....and that's the most appropriate title she would get anyway. Everybody knows how she had caused the breakdown of the marriage of Charles and Diana. I really don't know what the Prince of Wales saw in her (Camilla) in the first place, but any way, Camilla has share of humiliation from the public and suffered so much already, so let us give her peace by this time.

Recently, she is very vocal in saying that she never wanted to be called a Queen when her husband ascend the British throne someday in respect to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. Technically, Camilla should take the title of Princess of Wales because she is the wife of the Prince of Wales but because the title has strong association to Diana she preferred not to instead chose the title Duchess of Cornwall in 2005 upon her marriage to Charles. The Prince of Wales second title is Duke of Cornwall. When the couple are staying in Scotland they are known there as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay.

It takes years before Charles can ascend the throne because his mother is still in a very good shape and no illness was reported in her behalf, who knows she would inherit the energy her late mother (the Queen Mother) possessed who died at a ripe age of 101. It will take decade before Camilla could assume the title of Princess Consort.

No spouse of a British King took a title of a Princess Consort, Camilla, if ever Prince Charles would outlive his mother, will be the first to hold the title. The princess consort title however is commonly used in many muslim constitutional monarchy countries. For example in Jordan and Morocco, if the reigning King would not declare his wife as a Queen in public, the wife would be known only as Princess consort, say for example Princess Lalla Salma, the wife of King Mohammad VI of Morocco and Princess Muna of Jordan, the second wife King Hussein of Jordan and the mother of the current Jordanian King, Abdullah II.

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