Peaceful and Quiet

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Oh how I wish life is always like this. 


The soothing morning air gently rustles through the plants and I love watching the sweet sunshine rays shimmer like magical silver thread beyond the leaves of the trees. 

I woke up quite late this morning, so I bounced hastily and went downstairs then walked outside the kitchen and paused for a moment and looked up at the magnificent horizon, breathed deeply and savored the coolness of the surroundings then moved back to the kitchen sink and washed the kettle. 

I love it when the environment is peaceful and quiet. No unnecessary noise. No dragging of feet. No shouting. And I love staying in my room during holidays because it feels like I have all the freedom. Drift to sleep whenever I could, listen to soft music, write stories, update my blogs, read books and sketch stuff in my drawing pad.

Contrary to what I felt in the past about my future (where I constantly fretted why my destiny is forever welded in one corner), I understood it now and rarely asked God why. I must look forward. I must build my own dreams to create my own identity and not just rely on anchors. I must learn the value of being independent, carve my own niche and possess a sense of individualism.

I should never dwell too much on fears and what will the future look like if I would be sailing to the sunset of my life alone. This is life. And it is happening now. Fears for the future happen because people are not prepared with its downside leap, with its complexities and dark side, but the truth is, we exist alone therefore we must breath and live alone, for as long as you know where you are heading and mature enough to understand the vagueness of life then everything will just be fine.  Happiness is simply an attitude of the mind. We must acknowledge that life has many loopholes. Then learn from it, pick up the pieces and look on the brighter side of the road. 

Sometimes I would think about life in the next two years but then the foggy thought would just dissolve in the smoke of hot green tea I sip in the morning. But I love the idea of  sneaking  at "in-betweens" because anticipation brings excitement and exploring my vivid imagination is simply fulfilling: build my own e-business for party essentials and trendy lines, plan a trip to Europe and marvel at its finest and historical landmarks, stroll around the medieval villages of Greece and learn from their culture, study at least two languages, do some research, get married and have children, nurture a family and cook for dinner.

Life is good!


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