Never too late to begin

This morning I read one article about ...well...."Nothing lasts forever", such a great sharing from one blogger and felt what she had gone through..she ended the article with something like ".... so don't be too caught up with the past, just look forward to the future"....

One day, things will change....everything will just be a hazy shadow of the past..but we must undergo a terrible sojourn of despair first before seeing what life has to offer on the other side of the road...after all...we cannot see a beautiful rainbow without passing a terrible rain..

Someday, everything makes sense....just got to make the best of the situations, sometimes because of our effort to hold on tight, we've got to lose the things we are trying hard to save. But that's life...and we must learn how to conform with the reality....

For so long, I've been keeping myself welded in one corner that I never realized time is slipping so fast. I was so cautious with my decisions and actions that I did not attempt to explore things that might put me in uncompromising situations.

I'd lived a very simple lifestyle. I had a very limited circle of friends, I refused to join people with liberated lifestyle, I find it very offensive to see women drink alcoholic beverages and smoke in public, I felt it's a bit undignified.

I don't like boys who smoke, who have tattoo, who wear earrings, who lack determination and drive and who are infidel.  Boys with body piercing is a major turn off. I felt they are self-destructive and insecure.

By the time I was ready to take risks, circumstances cheated and deprived me to have those longings realized.

I belonged to an old generation of dreamers who have been literally poisoned by fairytales that Prince Charming will just land in the backyard like a shooting star, but as time goes by I realized dreaming is not all about waiting. 

When I was still a teenager, I've so many plans, I want to get married and have four kids and raised a family in a quiet environment. I want to own a farm and build a simple house with lots of glass windows. I want a simple wedding ceremony exclusive to closest family and friends, I don't like a grand celebration. But years on, my dreams remained a dream :-D

I know it's not too late and I am willing to start from the basement. Anyway there's no such thing as too late, we can start at any point. Just be patient and trust everything to God.

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