Up Close and Personal

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Because I really want to update my 12 blogs today, I spent five long hours last night rolling my eyes to the four corners of my room, thinking what entry to post....

And to spare my brain from further stress of digging ideas deeply, I just created this very personal post, well, uhmmm about myself. Sorry to treat you to something not interesting but I really want to update this blog before I would be eaten up by another grueling week of the second semester enrollment. @___@ 

I am afraid I might loss some brain cells if I would force myself to think hardcore topics during the time no worthy news to share ...haha!....so just endure this not-so-glamorous tattling about myself.

I simply love blobbing you know..

One of my favorite foods, California Maki

Things you didn't hear about me


I stammer a lot!It's very frustrating, but the feeling of nervousness that clouded in my system forced my tongue to stutter, though it's a mild case and sometimes unnoticeable, it gave me so much annoyance because I could not say things and I want to get rid of it. I don't know why I developed this disgusting habit of stammering when I was very exposed to public performances in grade school (delivering a speech, declamation, oration, dancing) at the end of each school year. I also wrote stage plays in high school and performed with my classmates but later in my life, a dreadful stuttering suddenly appeared!

Maybe because I had this less-than perfect self-esteem which affected my self-confidence. But right now, I already made a move to completely eradicate this ugly habit by going back to school. Well, eventually after three semesters in the graduate school, there's some progress, I rarely stutter.

Well, in life, I found out, no one could ever help us transform into a better person except ourselves, no one could actually help us develop our own self except through personal effort.


Yeah!I know how to design and sketch stuff---->structure of the house, landscape, clothes, trendy bags. Just a basic sketching and designing strokes but at least I can do it alone using my vivid imagination. I have a sketch pad in my room and every weekend I would pull it and draw the interior of the house I want to build or sketch wedding gowns or trendy apparel.

Lately, I have several sketches of a house structure. But my favorite design is the simple iced peach house with glass windows and a beautiful kitchen (because I love cooking!), a little pantry (I want to put everything in order within the kitchen vicinity), kitchen utensils organizer, a study room adjacent to the master's bedroom, a cozy bathroom with stand-alone locker of toiletries, and a breathtaking landscape complete with bed of cornflowers, orchids and botanical plants.

Back in high school, I personally designed the dresses I worn, I would bring my designs to the tailor shop whenever my mother bought new fabrics for me. The dress I wore in my senior prom was my own design --- a red silk dress with a plaited skirt, a sweetheart scallop bodice and a black padded belt. It did survive for many years and many girls rented it for their own proms.

Foods and Drinks

I prefer homemade dishes. I made it a point to cook my own foods. My favorite recipes are sauteed broccoli with tomatoes and cubed carrots cooked in olive oil and minced garlic and onions and Tokwa in oyster sauce with asparagus. I prefer fish than meat so every weekend I would go to the wet market to buy danggit, my favorite fish. I am more on seafoods, vegetables and fruits. I am following a Mediterranean diet to stay healthy, that is more seafoods and EFA and less meat.
Green tea from Sangkai Japanese restaurant
One of my favorite desserts, Brazo de Mercedes
Blueberry Cheesecake from Lachi's

I am a Green tea addict! I prefer the Authentic variant of Celestial seasoning brand  because according to a research study, this brand contains the highest concentration of antioxidants. I drink Green tea with honey everyday. I never drink softdrinks, I take coffee in moderation, about once a month. I drink milk (Athena) before going to bed at night, it helps my skin retains its vigor and radiance. Some of my favourite drinks when I am at the cafe house are Passionfruit Iced tea (Kangaroo Coffee shop) and Apple cider tea (G Cafe).
Passionfruit Iced tea from Kangaroo, so refreshing!

I prefer brown rice over white rice. It is more nutritious and healthy because the bran is intact. For food brands, I only stick with Kelloggs and Nestle especially when it comes to cornflakes. Some of my favorite desserts are Brazo de mercedes and blueberry cheesecake. For pasta, I prefer creamy carbonara and baked penne.

Since last year, I only ate rice twice a week at night, I consumed oatmeal and fruits only to maintain my weight and prevent my stomach from bulging.


Oh yeah, I am a huge dreamer!I dreamed big things in life and I know I am getting there. I always believe in myself and my capacity to fulfill my goals. My greatest dream however is to publish books and write screenplays. I wrote several school plays during my high school years. I wanted to study film making and make foreign trips to observe other cultures and hopefully take quality photos of their landscape and landmarks. I am fascinated with French and Italian languages.
The book I self-published in July 2011, online shoppers can order it now through yahoo, but I temporarily suspended the link because I wanted to pull it from the online shop list and move it to a Philippine publication
The great innovator of our time, the late Steve Jobs holding his innovation--Macbook air. I dreamed to own this device ^____^

I dreamed to buy a Macbook air or any products from Apple. You see, I love Steve Jobs and greatly adored his style and innovation, now that he is gone, the least thing I can do to remember his greatest legacy and influence is to buy any Apple products preferably mac air.

I am planning to venture into an e-business for a mail-order catalogue, this is the latest trend in the global market today. Though competition is quite fierce and rigid, I am confident I could create my own niche. I am closely studying the concept created by Party Pieces, a mail-order catalogue online business developed by the family of Kate Middleton. It is a very prosperous business. 

Greatest Fascination
Windsor Castle, dubbed by 15th century diarist, Samuel Pepys as the most romantic castle in the world!

My greatest fascination remains to be a grand European tour. Hope to visit the magnificent landmarks in Europe like Windsor Castle in England, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the beautiful Tuscany in Italy, the romantic Versailles ground in France and the countryside of Cornwall and Scotland. I love to travel around Greece too because of its gorgeous beaches and medieval villages.

A Country Girl by Heart

I always love the life in the countryside. If I have enough money I would buy a farm and build a house there with lots of fruit trees and organic plants. I grew up in a farm surrounded by streams and valleys and my longing to live in a laid-back environment once again grew everyday.

I prefer a life in the countryside than in the city it is more peaceful, quiet and clean., I love the mountain landscape because of the serenity it provides. I want a house that is surrounded by lots of flowers, plants and fruit trees.

Or maybe I just missed my home town...hmmm..^___^


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