The most annoying news

Okay, the mother earth is completely aware that I hated this commoner woman whose fashion taste is so cranky and awful and who is now occupying the place --- well finally after sketching a hundred scheme all through out her teenage years, of course with the help of her ambitious mother, to trap the Prince --- as William's wife.

She is commoner and she married the future King of England and I hate it because that position rightfully belong to a privilege, aristocratic or royal woman with a sense of style, and not this frizzled-hair, freckled-face woman from Buckleberry.

 The recycling Queen

Her publicity is too much, it should have ended in the royal wedding...

Poor girl she did not notice that the world is only longing the presence of the late Princess of Wales and she is just being used as a replacement. All articles relating to her are no substance and should not have trumpeted in the news --- recycling clothes, making grocery, shoes, clutch and the mystery why her engagement ring suddenly disappeared during a hospital visit --- these are simply ridiculous and immaterial and who cares if she recycled her undies too?

Can these writers feature worthy royals with substance in their news columns? Queen Rania of Jordan is more newsworthy than this country girl who climbed the wall of Windsor Castle...can't wait when she will fall to the ground...

Jesus!This girl is not worthy to be featured and talked all the time, there are still plenty of royal news to talk about worthy of our attention and not ponder too much on her clothes, shoes and the vanishing sapphire engagement what will happen next in the news? feature when will she put on her engagement ring when she will wear her LK Bennett nude platform?

This ugly Duchess and her sister are two most annoying people in the world.

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