God is so Good all the Time!

Had a nice group discussion with my MBA classmates at Chicco di Caffe last night from 6pm to 10pm. We went there to discuss our report this Saturday, our last meeting in managerial communication subject. It was raining and I did not worry anymore what will happen to my room incase of heavy downpour because I already arranged my things outside my room.

It was a nice evening, I was able to relax under a warm couch and cool environment at Chicco, I ordered a good evening meal with French fries and a brewed coffee. Heaven! I am not a coffee person, I mean I am not into it but last night there was this urging need to drink coffee because of the chilling weather.

God is so good, I finally believed He always listen to everyone's prayer. Yesterday, morning, I had this good vision that I would not be stressed out for this Saturday class report because I could not afford another pressure in life, my quantitative subject already has it all so the least thing to happen is to add up another tension in managerial communication, so I wanted to take the easiest part of our report, either Summary or the Statement of the Problem.

While my classmate, Kristine, wrote each part of the case report in a small paper (in order to be fair, we decided to divide the areas through draw lots) and I was praying that I would get the easiest one and alas! God listened! I picked the easiest portion--the Statement of the Problem!Wheew!

THANK YOU GOD!!!you're so good!!!!See??there's always a miracle when you believe!!! 

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