The fading appeal of Prince William

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Once upon a time...there was a handsome Prince.....but that was long ago ^_____^

Looking at the current photos of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, I couldn't help but think why his appeal had withered when he is one of the gorgeous royals in Europe before he got married.

...And it seems he did not leave up to the old adage that goes "the more you age the more you become hotter" appears to be an opposite case for the future British King. And I am wondering why? Now, I won't start criticizing here that maybe his "fading" appeal has something to do with his marriage or tension of his future role. I will think it the other way around.

Prince William in January 2010

When Wills was younger, it couldn't be denied that he was more cute and adorable than his younger brother, Prince Harry, well, after all, he inherited most of the features of his mother, the late Princess Diana and that of the Spencers. But it seems those beguiling features quickly vanished as years gone by. But wait, his mother too passed the same "beauty waning" concept.

When the former Lady Diana Spencer was still a young girl, she too looked like a Greek goddess, exceptionally beautiful and stunning, but I noticed when she became older, her once alluring physical look seemed withered. Maybe it had something to do with pressure, stress or emotional troubles underneath.
Prince Harry is now more gorgeous  than his brother

Prince William seems aged fast and his receding hair is more evident, his jaw had dropped and more pronounced and his face looked worn out and haggard and he gained weight! I don't know what causes it, the pressure in his military career or his worries for the future of the throne. His wife looked ugly too, seems like her face is wrinkled already and her freckles now becoming more visible which made her skin looked unhealthy and rough. It seems marriage is not a good idea to them (joke).

Now, Prince Harry is more gorgeous than William. The once way-ward Prince who shocked the world when he wore a Nazi uniform during a costume party looked irresistible and fascinating everyday, even during the time he was overtly drunk and confused. Harry is more cute than his brother in recent years.

Hmmmm...just a personal observation though ^____^

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