Switching Vitamins

Fine Friday morning....got so inspired finishing my short story collection next month, I don't know I just felt it's time to get it published. I'm also planning to pull out my Smart Quiz book from the i-proclaim bookstore and resubmit it to other publication.

Still contemplating whether to attend the acquaintance party of MBA-MPA Society of Ateneo this September 24 at 8:00 pm....the contribution is just too expensive for me to give a nudge..hehe!

So many things to do now....still have to download 18 songs for our managerial communication subject, a book review of Outliers, two research papers and one reaction paper for our Tamayong day tour this coming October 1...haaaay!All I am praying now is for this semester to finish right away to get a good break. I really need a powerful supplement to get through with the tension in life.

With all the pressure and stress from work and school, my appetite seemed not cooperating. I mean, I don't have any feeling to devour on foods. So I made a different diet plan....I rarely eat rice, except on Saturday and Sunday where I cooked brown rice and steamed Broccoli, the rest of the week is just so revolting, so I just eat whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruits, lots of fruits..then drink green tea with honey, so that all the toxic feelings will be eliminated from my system. 

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Then I switched vitamins. After spending two years with 4g and iberet folate, I made a change in taking supplements. Now I tried Conzace and Co-enzyme Q10 because these are powerful antioxidants and best free radical scavengers, fight premature ageing and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. I felt good about 4g antioxidants and iberet folate seemed like a perfect vitamins, but their combination forced me to extract P40.00 per day from my wallet which I find very punishing. Co-enzyme Q10 is worth P30 each but I never take it in a daily basis, just 3 times a week. Conzace only cost me P12.50 per day. What I love about Conzace is its amazing effect on my skin. I plan to give my mother Conzace vitamins too when I get home.

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