Poor You

According to a book, William and Kate, by Christopher Andersen, Prince Charles and the Queen wanted Prince William to marry Kate Middleton in 2013 and not 2011 because 2011 and 2012 will be the busy years for the British royal court as the Queen will be preparing for her 60th year celebration on the throne and London will be hosting the 2012 World Olympics. 

But Prince William worried if Miss Middleton could take another postponement, the commoner woman, who had been waiting all her life to marry the Prince and who had been tailing William since she graduated from high school (her chasing journey carried her to as far as Chile and to St. Andrews University and taking Art History because it is the first course took by Prince William before he shifted to Geography), is already called "waitie Kate" by the Press because of painfully waiting for the moment Prince William will finally propose.

But her life in the world of royalty is a staggering pretension, most people did not actually see her as she and accepted her as who she is, the world is desperately looking for a woman who could fill the shoes left by Diana and who could represent the fascination and sensation that Diana once gave, the world is still hopelessly "in-love" with the late Princess of Wales and though Miss Middleton is very far from Diana, people are amused that there's someone who at last could be referred to as "the other Diana" even in reality she is far from her. In other words, people never actually like her but with the role she magnifies and represents. 

Poor Kate. She will be leaving like a complete robot. And the biggest fear of some observers is that the royal family members might not like this idea and they will be treating Miss Middleton as "not one of them" and she will be isolated later. Royals presumably are still not conforming with the idea that the future British King  chose to marry a non-aristocrat woman coming from a middle class background (in British history, William is the first future King who married a non-aristocratic woman).

Well, it is where the endurance and patience of Kate will be finally tested. How long it will last and how long she can endure it remains to be seen. Days in royalty are not all grand, privilege, sweetness and romantic as Diana found later in her life.

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TheDuchess said…
Sounds like Anne Boleyn to me all over again... how does one get in touch with you? I'm glad someone is calling out Kate. Many people don't realize how she came to be; what she and her family did.. let alone what they have done themselves. I cringe to think that her uncle, the coke dealer, who was featured in that video drunk, claimed that he would be living in Buckingham Palace.. well you get the idea! No one is an angel, but the way she lived her life before this.. well I can't judge her, but I'm trying to understand how the Royal family said "ok, give it a go!" Is it true that Prince William somewhat bi-passed his grandmother and decided to announce their engagement without her consent -- or that they didn't want the wedding to take place at the time it did? Sounds like some of Princess Diana's defiance towards the crown rubbed off on her sons. When he is King, who will he answer to then and what radical changes will we see?
Joyce Lamela said…
The day Prince William decided to take a commoner, non-aristocratic spouse, the British throne eroded its prestige.